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I Had Precognition / Premonition About Death Of My Wife


When I was young I had Precognition / Premonition that, I would meet a women and we will start dating and later get married.

I also had vivid visuals that one day, she will die giving birth to our first child. When she was pregnant, I feared as I already had the visuals at the back of my head about her death. I was worried all the time, until on the 7th month of her pregnancy she had to be admitted to hospital for premature delivery. I could not work eat or sleep. I visited various religious places and prayed hoping that, my prediction may not come true. I didn't want to visit the hospital where she was admitted because I feared hearing the bad news first. She died in the hospital giving birth to our child. I have never got married and hope to be reunited with her in my next life.

I have stopped getting any more Precognition / Premonition after hear death. I was devastated by the visuals and when I see something in my dreams I fear to think about it, as it maybe another Precognition / Premonition that one day may come true. I have locked my heart and mind and try not to think about anything other than my son and my work. Hope I never get any more Precognition / Premonition because I know these signs are real and unavoidable. May God bless those who have Precognition / Premonition abilities to help and protect people who may get involved into some accidents before it happens. I believe Precognition / Premonition ability is given by God to special people who God wants in some way to help the needy souls.

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