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My 1st Premonition Dream


I want to share something about an extremely vivid dream that I had years ago. All my life I've always had vivid dreams as well as a lot of recurring dreams but the dream I'm about to tell you about was nothing like the usual ones. On the night of December 5, 2012, I dreamed I was in a school building and I was in a room with low-rise wooden bleachers. There were a bunch of people in there with me, including my ex-boyfriend. (My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about 2 months before this dream took place. Even though we were broken up, we remained friends and we were still intimate and still had feelings for each other). Anyway, the room we were in kind of looked like my aunt and uncle's living room. The room was lit by a dim light and some people were sitting and some were laying down and everybody was talking.

My ex and I were talking and there was this chubby girl lying next to him. My ex was laying on his back on the floor with his head propped up on the bottom step of the bleachers. The girl lying next to him started talking to him and then she started moving her body closer to him until she was practically almost on top of him.

As I saw this going on, I looked at my ex and gave him a dirty look. He was looking back at me and he was trying to move the girl off him but it didn't look like he was trying very hard. The girl then laid sideways stretching her legs out over his pelvis and he was trying to move them away by pushing them with his hands and her butt as well but she just wouldn't stop. Then she leaned into him and said "kiss me", and before my ex could say anything I got up and moved to the other side of the room and laid on the floor with my head propped up against a big reclining chair.

I felt my adrenaline rushing through my body. I felt the jealousy and hatred rushing through my body as my ex looked over at me. He was telling the girl to stop but it seemed like she was intoxicated and didn't realize what she was doing. So, I got up and sat down next to my ex and the girl and I said, "Excuse me but this is my ex-boyfriend and we just broke up recently." The girl didn't say anything but she gave me a look like she was going to say, "whatever" so I continued on and I said, "You are so lucky I didn't fight you because I was seriously about to get up and do it." I stopped talking for a moment and looked at all the other people in the room. Some were watching and listening in on what going on between me, my ex, and the girl. The rest of the people were still just going about their business. The girl then started to say, "I'm sorry, I didn't know." I turned to my ex and I said, "If you guys are going to flirt then don't do it around me because that's pretty messed up!" Then out of nowhere my ex wasn't in the room anymore and then a childhood friend of mine suddenly appeared in the room with me, the girl, and the rest of the random people.

The girl was talking to me about something as if I was her friend. I turned to my childhood friend and asked her if she wanted to go outside to smoke a cigarette and she said, "Only if you smoke it for me", and I said, "Ok, but only if you keep me company." Then we left and that was the end of my dream.

Two days after that dream, my ex and I went to a house party and almost the same exact events occurred. There was a chubby girl there who flirted with my ex. She was lying down and he was lying next to her flirting away and she was intoxicated. I put a stop to it and my ex and I flirted and wound lying next to each other and cuddling.

The main difference between my dream and the real-life events were my childhood friend wasn't there in the real events and my ex and I had a good outcome after all that in the real events instead of me walking out like I did in my dream. I haven't had any other premonition dreams that I can remember since then.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
3 years ago (2021-06-10)
I would definitely call that a premonition but I find it interesting that the "boyfriend" disappeared, only to be replaced by a "friend". I wouldn't be surprised if your boyfriend was a friend in a past life. Our subconscious mind has a way of filling in the blanks. I think ultimately you and your boyfriend will become enduring friends. That level of attraction will outlast the physical, romantic one.

Thanks for sharing.

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