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Ridiculous Quantities Of Synchronicity


I'm writing with the intent of not so much finding answers to my questions, as possibly connecting to others who are having the same experiences. If you can relate to what I'm saying, I'd love to hear from you.

I've posted here before and have described the strange synchronicities I've been experiencing for a long time now. Previously I'd described the way I'd often find clocks synchronizing when I went into a room. For example, there was a computer with a hard drive LED that often blinked in perfect time with a clock on the wall. Also, I'd often find myself walking into rooms at the exact time a computer screen would be turning off, as a result of the power saver. I'd find myself getting up to do something at the exact time a timer on the stove I'd set 45 minutes started going off. And so on, and so forth.

Today the said computer is in computer heaven--it's no longer with us. And get this: the battery in the clock on the wall died when the hands on the clock were at 4:0:44. Today I see repeating numbers at a frequency of at least 1,000 times greater than what should be experienced as the result of pure coincidence.

I'd mentioned in my previous posts the fact that I was really coming to feel like I don't belong in this world. Today that feeling has been amplified many times over what it was a few years ago. I've come to know for a fact that I don't belong in this world, though I have no idea where I belong--I just know that I don't belong here.

My existence in this world can only be described as misery. I hate this world from the bottom of my heart. I see this world for what it is, and I see humans for what they are. This world is a realm of death and suffering, and humans are hands-down the number one cause of all the suffering.

If I had to rate this world, I'd give it 7/10 stars, if there were no humans. With humans, I can only give it a 0.

The thing is, though, that I'm the odd one out. I'm the freak, and I'm the alien. I'm the only person I know with such a disdain of this world. I can relate to philosophers like Schopenhauer, who had a similar hatred for this world. I can especially relate to the early Gnostics, who believed the creation of this world was a mistake. But I'm completely alone in my resentment at the fact that I'm stuck in this world, with only one way out.

Most people who know me well think there's something wrong with me, because I hate this world so much. I want no part in it and do my best to avoid taking part in it, in any way. I long for the day that my prison sentence in this world will end.

When you start examining human behavior, you realize that humans are no different than other animals. Humans breed, consume and play, like other mammals. In fairness, humans do some things that other animals don't do. Unlike other animals, humans kill their own by the millions; consider that in the 20th century alone 100 million humans died as the result of war. Unlike other animals, humans slaughter their own (like animals) by the millions, with the idea that they're doing some great service, like you see in the case of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile, as I'm busy hating the world, I'm seeing more and more synchronicity all the time. I see so much synchronicity that I don't even pay attention to it anymore. Sometimes it seems like I see more synchronicity when I'm the angriest, and most resentful.

I'm angry and resentful mostly because I'm so alone here. I have friends, but I don't have a friend in the world who understands me. I've gotten so tired of feeling as alien as I do that I've pushed a lot of my friends away. What's worse than being physically alone is being around other people who don't understand me; that's when I really feel alone.

Now days I see the numbers 42 and 43 a lot! You might recognize 42 as being the answer to the ultimate question in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". There were also 42 documents recovered in the Nag Hammadi library in Egypt in 1945. The Planck Constant, pertaining to the Big Bang and formation of the Universe, is 10 to the power of -43. Also, the Gospel of John, which is the only book in the Bible that doesn't make me cringe at least a few times, is the 43rd book in the bible.

What is the significance of the numbers 42 and 43? I can only guess, but if I had to guess I'd guess that it pertains to my interest in Gnosticism. The Planck constant (10 ^-43) pertains to the beginning of the Universe, in terms of mainstream science. The Gospel of John (the 43rd book in the Bible) opens by saying, "In the beginning...". Coincidence? I'll be damned if I know.

To give you an example of some synchronicity, I watched a video earlier today about a certain geographical location in the Vietnam War, known as Hill 943. It had 4.3k likes. So already I saw the number 43 twice, in both the title and the stats for the video. A few minutes into the video it was mentioned that 114 American troops were involved in this particular engagement. In case you aren't familiar with the Gospel of Thomas, there are 114 sayings/aphorisms in the Gospel of Thomas. Coincidence? Possibly, or possibility not.

Mostly I'm just rambling right now. I'm rambling right now because I'm so frustrated about being trapped on this hellhole known as "earth". For years now I've hoped I might come into contact with someone who shares my frustration. So I guess this post is an allegorical "message in a bottle". I'll toss it out, but I won't get my hopes up that anything will come of it.

If you're familiar with the dread and frustration plaguing me, I'd love to hear from you. And I'm talking about some industrial grade dread and frustration. I'd give anything to be anywhere besides this cockroach planet.

Thanks for reading.

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Featherine (guest)
3 years ago (2021-10-20)
I've been lurking on this site for many years, trying to find out the reasons for what I've been going through and it never seemed to be right until this one. I've seen synchronicity so much it is daunting and I, too, share the same feelings you do about humans and this place. I didn't think anyone else saw it the same way I did as well as experienced the repeating numbers. I'm not sure what it all means because I'm pretty sure people here make things up for comfort and not for the sake of truth and knowledge. Even the state that is on your account is a strange synchronicity to me. Gnosticism was something I was trying to study but when I was younger it was harder for me to grasp because of the disinformation about spirituality. Another strange synchronicity for me since not many people talk about them. I'd share more but I think it's enough that you know that someone in the modern era gets it.

When I was three I had baby keys and with determination I tried to open the door and leave to go where I actually belonged. Without even thinking as I grew older I told my mom I knew she wasn't the real one. Even looking at my hands often I know they don't look right, none of this is right. It's like I woke up in this new world in the middle of the one I was just on and now I'm stuck here. I've thought about getting out and so me and a friend attempted while I was fully conscious. Pushing and pulling my soul and consciousness to a place with energies that suited me. I've done it but have been pulled back down to this awful place every time. I've even died fully (by accident from choking on water) and saw the other side it looked normal but it felt much better like the energy was clean. I know this planet is not very clean energy-wise and the populous are too willful in ignoring the spiritual for material gain or waxing poetic about it without being serious. I've had all manner of "magical" and extraterrestrial things happening to me that helped base my thoughts on humans and the sad state of this planet. I don't find it a coincidence that I've always just known I'm the odd one out and I swear it's like humans can sense that and act differently. Since those experiences I feel like I can mask my difference better but it's so lonely. To meet with beings beyond this place and then to just be alone because a vast majority are just so low thinking. To see a different and functioning society and then come back to this dying one. It's depressing, it's lonely, it's sad.

It's an empty comfort to know that someone understands but if it helps...
Aros (3 stories) (12 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-05)
Greggb I have no desire to persuade you why I KNOW some things in a veridical sense versus BELIEVING it because it's pointless unless you too experienced what I, Anne, and many others have. I could write a book to counter your points but let's simply start here:

You said "Do you have any evidence you could present to me, to support your theory of reincarnation?"

There's numerous accounts that move beyond mere suggesting reincarnation may in fact be true. Here's one for you to consider...


I applaud you if you decide to take the time to read this with an open mind. I do hope one day you can move beyond your disdain for humanity and open your heart to the good that does exist here.
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-04)
This is an interesting topic: the purpose of existence.
Let's say that this particular theory about the soul's purpose is true: it was put on Earth in order to learn and grow through human experiences.

In that case, is it fair to put a soul in a hostile environment through painful and traumatising experiences without a soul's consent? And how do we know that a soul agreed to that kind of life? I assume if humans knew for a fact their life was a part of a plan of their Higher Self, maybe they wouldn't struggle so much, they would just know there was a reason behind it all, so maybe they would take those experiences lightly.
But, still there would have to be a clue for each soul. This way it looks like souls are thrown on Earth to participate in some kind of a sick survival game.

For example, abused children and paedophiles - who is supposed to learn "what" through this kind of experience, is it really normal for a soul to "want" to learn through such a sick experience like there are no other ways? Or brothels with animals where they are abused in horrific ways? My stomach turns now when I'm writing this so I'll stop.
I believe there's more to what's happening on Earth than just learning experiences/lessons.
Greggb (6 stories) (25 posts)
3 years ago (2021-06-03)

You obviously don't know how it feels to be alone, because you're obviously not alone. Many people subscribe to a theory like the one you suggested, not because there's any evidence suggesting this is the way things ought to be. Rather, because a theory like the one you suggested sounds nice. This is human nature.

One of the hardest things for any human to say is, "I don't know", but if the truth matters to you, it's something you find yourself forced to say when presented with an insufficient quantity of evidence. This is the boat I'm in, and it's a lonely boat, on a lonely sea.

In the distance I can hear the gleeful yells of churchgoers and various religious people, all touting their various equally unfounded beliefs. Yet here I sit, forced to say "I don't know", for the simple fact that I don't know, and I find myself completely alone as a result, because to say "I don't know" is so contrary to human nature.

Take the word "believe". It's a verb. The question is, what is the actual action the word "believe" points to? What do you actually do when you believe?

I spent a long time pondering this question, and I realized that the word "believe" is just a synonym for the word "act", and I mean "act" in the sense of pretending something is true, the way that actors act out a story on a stage or in a movie.

When you believe you pick an idea you want to be true, and you act as though this idea is true, though you have no evidence to support such a claim. If you have evidence to support your claim then there's no need for belief, because the evidence makes your claim a fact of reality.

I don't "believe" I'm typing a response to your comment, because the evidence in front of me makes it a fact of reality. You don't need to "believe" that you're reading my response for the very same reason.

Belief is only necessary where there's a lack of evidence, and belief is always driven by a motive.

To illustrate this point, consider what would happen if I asked you (or just about anyone) to tell me what I had for breakfast this morning. In this case most people would actually be inclined to say, "I don't know", because they'd have no way of knowing, and because the answer is inconsequential. What I had for breakfast this morning has no effect on anyone else, so no one has a motive to try and figure out what I had for breakfast this morning, because what I had for breakfast this morning doesn't matter.

But it's a different story when presented with questions like why we're here, and what happens to us when we die. Most people in this case will make up their mind, and adopt some unfounded belief because the answers to these questions do actually matter.

You have no more evidence suggesting what happens to us when we die than you do about what I had for breakfast this morning, yet you'll sit here and spout off your theory about why we're here and what happens when we die as if it's a fact of reality, and as if your beliefs are supported by some kind of evidence you could present to me, to support your case.

Do you have any evidence you could present to me, to support your theory of reincarnation?

The point being, once again, that you and I are in different boats. You don't know what it's like to be in the boat I'm in.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
3 years ago (2021-06-03)
I'd say the evolution of the soul on earth starts out by desiring to blend in with most everyone around them. I.e., the social norm. This is due to survival instincts. Humans at this level only like that which is similar and subconsciously people feel that if they don't fit in, they will be rejected and perish. So they follow the status quo, go with the grain, want to look like others, act like others and all and all be a copy, not an original. The next phase, and I've gone through it, is where you see through all of that and also can't help but observe the demolition being done to the planet by humans. It's an outrage and made even more so by the obtuse nature of those around you who are more concerned with the mundane elements of living versus the very survival of the planet and everyone on it ("How can people be so stupid?" we marvel to ourselves). Now, the next phase is when you realize that this is a school yard setting. You have the first graders, second graders, and so on until eventually the soul (student) has learned everything this plane and planet has to offer and graduates. You said there is only "one way out" but that's not true. Like school, you can drop out because you think the whole system sucks but at some point, you'll be back repeating the grade. You can hate first grade but we were all in first grade at some point (that's like hating one rung in the ladder over another, each one is necessary for the next step up). And there are others who are nearing graduation that look at where you are at, not with hate, but with understanding. If you are still here then you still have work to do. But the problem with deep seated hatred is that it grows into a cancer and pretty soon even your vision is clouded. All you can see is that cancer. And it eats at you until you die from it and I don't mean just metaphorically, but literally. And while that thought makes you happy, an opportunity was squandered to open your eyes further and see past the obvious bleakness to the silent and often hidden wonders.

Not everyone is a first grader. Not everyone is destroying the planet. There are lots of lovely people out there who are as conscious as you are of the dilemma man kind faces. But you're not going to be able to see them until you work through your all consuming hate. As frustrating as it is, the good news is that you have forever to work through it.

Thanks for sharing.

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