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I've read/ googled today for the first time about synchronicity, don't know why after years of wondering what these strange events are/were.

Guess there was a reason for not gathering info sooner!

I have answers to a few of you...

At a young age I noticed this synchronicity events happening to 'me'.

One of the first thoughts/ wishes were, 'how can I make it happen again?'

Years went by and they kept happening, so I had to give it a name.

To/ for be it feels wrong to call it synchronicity, but it's fine if this is how the people label it. I called it 'creative events' (CE's)

I don't know if I can say 'I can cause them to happen' but yes that's what you can view it as for now. I see it more as a being a 'witness' for it.

One day after 'mastering' the method on 'how to cause' these sync's I wanted to see how many can I cause/ see in an hour or so. I even wanted to buy those counters you get when counting cars or cattle/ sheep.

I counted more than 5000 of them in that hour.

My current quest is to see how I can use these sync's to benefit money wise from it. If you know what I mean?!

There are a few things I do not however agree with like one person 'assumes' that when these sync's happen that it is the cosmos winking at you, if that were true then the universe or cosmos's eyes will be very dry of all the winking it's 'owing' me. LOL, just practicing your and my sense of humor!

Just bear in mind that I've read everything on your website and other sites with the intention of 'not to judge' but rather to get more info for myself on this area.

It seems that at this stage I am the king of sinc's?!

The method (s) I use is so simple and easy. You don't even have to practice it, you just do it.

I never trained anyone to do it, so I don't know how fast a person will 'pick up/ see' on the sync's.




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