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Synchronicity...but Beyond That By Eions


The last two weeks have been a mass of confusion. Ill try to make this brief. I haven't heard from a friend of mine since December 6th of last year. She's a heroin addict and owed me a lot of money. So she avoided me every way she could.

An event happened about two weeks ago where I had to call a friend about a death. I left a voice message. When I walked across the street, I see a hearse parked in the parking lot. There was a girl in the front seat. She was standing in the checkout line with her friend behind me at the store I was in. After I noticed the hearse, I took a picture for my facebook but was shocked as I was waiting at a crosswalk at a children's hospital a doctor walked by who was talking on the phone and the name I left on the voice message with my friend. The doctor repeated to whom ever he was talking to on the phone. I called my mother because I thought I was going insane. The last thing I told her was I was going to climb up atop the top of mountain where I live so someone can hear me better. She sounded like she was choking. I asked if she was ok and she said Baby I'm trembling. She was going through her clothes drawer and when I mentioned talking to someone on the mountain she pulled an obituary out her dresser drawer mixed with her clothes. I knew something wasn't right cause she doesn't keep any kind of paperwork in her dresser. She said it had the pic of the someone I said I was going to talk to with mountains in the background.

Next, this is taking too long: (I don't have time for this but Jesus Deathstar is my facebook asccount. Look me up and go to bottom of my posts and start with YO! Listen Up My Facebook Peeps" And work your way up from there. Please post my story. A frind's life is on the line!

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