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A Ray Of Sunshine


Not quite a year ago, I awoke to see a beautiful little blue eyed, blonde haired boy about 4 years old standing next to the closet door. Normally when I see an individual, it scares me, but not this time. I had the most amazing feeling and peace overcome me. I actually felt like I was smiling and my heart was not racing like it normally would do. He just stood there and smiled at me. I remember him just standing there smiling dressed in what appeared to resemble a space suit. The reason why I thought that is due to the big object on his head that looked like an astronaut's hat or maybe even a hat of some sort. I could not stop thinking of this dear little boy ever since the vision appeared at night. He was definitely a ray of sunshine. The smile on his face would not leave my mind and even more, him. So I discussed my vision of the little boy and how much he moved me to my family. He never left my mind. So I said to my daughter, try to find out if there is any information on a little boy that may give me some news on him. She found nothing. So I went in a couple days later and searched about a little boy around 4 years old that had blonde hair and blue eyes. Well, to my surprise, I found a little boy that described and looked like this little boy to a t. He was 4 years old and had the blue eyes and blonde hair. Then I went on to read that 2-3 days prior to finding this, he had died. He was hit by a car and died of a head injury. Right away, I cried and cried. It was him and in the pictures he always had a hat on his head. The thing that got me is I saw this huge hat like an astronaut's hat on his head, but couldn't quite make it out, and it dawned on me, he died of a head injury. That explains the big object around the head area. This has really thrown me for a loop. I am just so tied to this dear little angel. Any thoughts?

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Chrsw72 (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-16) 1st question would be is he a ghost who does not know he is dead? Or is he just a spirit visiting a familiar place? You are an empath I will guess who felt his emotions and what he must have felt when he died! You could ask God to help you or just ask the little boy! Good luck!
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-15)
What a sad sweet story. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps you knew him in another life and when he died in this life he came to say hello and goodbye and until you see each other again. Those are my thoughts.

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