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Am I Experiencing Something Amazing?


I have told my story about getting a weird feeling and then looking at my children's schools, and then the next thing, I get a phone call from the school messenger saying there was a bomb scare. This happened 6 times this school year, and I had the feeling at least 4 times. Then the incident in my car with my family. I got a weird feeling again, and then went into a store and the electricity went out. I can be sleeping and will wake up feeling the phone is going to ring, and it does. I have been experiencing this feelings for some time now, but the scariest was last week when I awoke to see in my son's closet black wing's flowing and they were in like a box with light shining on them. Then a sound rustled over my head and his head and the next thing, the pillow was on his face. Is this the angel of death? A few days after that, I again awoke to see two African American men's faces on the wall. I could give a detailed description of their faces since that was all that was showing. Did something happen with these two men? I do not know, but why am I seeing them. Then last night, my husband and son were leaving the market. My husband and myself were putting the groceries in my trunk, and all of a sudden I got so sick and my head felt weird. It continued to where I felt very sick as to if I was going to vomit. On the interstate I noticed smoke, and right away I knew something was on fire. I saw a building burning and the ladder truck putting the fire out. Once I saw the fire, the nausea went away, but my head still felt a bit funny. It was just like the feeling of sickness left me once I saw the fire. What is going on with me? Is this a psychic ability? Today my husband was reading an article from a trial going on, and I thought what he may say next, and he said it exactly to how I envisioned it in my mind. Any answers would mean so much to me.

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calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-26)
What you saw in your son's closet wasn't the angel of death. They are ordinary winged spirit. Spirit is able to transform to many forms. Don't worry. In that day you saw him black winged - next time might be something else.

You feel nausea because there was a spirit trying to enter your body but you were able to reject him. This is common symptom anyone can sometime get nausea whenever your aura creates friction with astral being who wanted to get into your body.

The worst case would be you will almost feel like flying like Trance (half awake half unconscious). Actually depends with the energy of that astral being. Strong astral being can get into an unprotected human body really quick. Almost instantly.

That African American men's face is just a way spirit manifest their form. Ignore them or you may tease them in a playful way that their form is funny. Hahahaha.

Really. Astral beings/spirits are actually similar like human being. Spirit is not dead person's soul. Spirit is also alive being like human but live in the parallel world. We live in two realms but still one world. I'm sure you felt this too.

If you would like to be always protected then ask protection from God. But the consequence is your body will emit a white or golden bright aura that is fire hot to any spirit near you. So anytime you ask for protection, you can experience no more naughty or bad spirits like you used to be hahaha.

I've proven if God is for real or fake. And it turned out to be true. I've tried all scientific way. None worked. Until that day I did an experiment to chant holy words in my house and the 2 maids who's working in my house heard an old woman screaming for help 3 times without anyone was there. Now I know that God always have been exist. Why? Because I only chant holy words and bad spirits get burn from it.

Scientists always been trying to prove the existence of God through their physical senses what a lack of knowledge and human understanding. God is occult/supernatural just like spirits, soul, aura, angel and devil. For any human to experience the unseen world you have to have the right senses to experience them. It's the metaphysical senses.

I've gotten my hands. Now I'm able to sense the power of astral beings/spirits. If my hands vibrate so strongly that means their energy is also so strong.

Their existence is real but they cannot be seen with human naked eye. Their realm and ours is different. Those people who are able to see, hear or talk to astral beings are only people which permitted by God to do cross realm communication.
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-26)
Well that's pretty cool ability you have. I have it too but its under development. If I am not mistake its a form of empathy that let's you know the danger that is ahead of you. If you are able to sense that danger and take appropriate action to prevent it. Its great that you have such cool ability. Help others as much as possible and never doubt yourself or you will get yourself in trouble. I have tried that sometimes but didn't act according to what I have envisioned and so I got my self into trouble but I don't do that anymore because I don't like getting into troubles. Well again use your abilities wisely. Take care and bye. 😁

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