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Random Night Hauntings Often


My story. I do not know where to begin. About the year 2002, my mother had passed away. I was very traumatized. Very sad and lost. I was only a teenager lost already from friends, girls and school. As any teenager would be. 16 years of age I was. I felt very guilty at the time, because I could not bear to accept the fact that she was really gone.

So anyway, like a fool I was, I wanted the pain to go away with anti depressant and sleeping pills. Guilty conscience in my heart and soul. I felt like taking my own life to be with her. Long story short, after a few weeks. Every time before I almost fall asleep, that's when I can feel her presence. And there were many time where she had taken over my body, I could not move or scream or anything, and once I heard my mother voice. This was no dream for sure. Its happen so often to took a picture. Just to prove to myself I wasn't losing my mind. I wish I had the picture still. But my house got burgled. Lost the pictures. I am still experiencing almost very often. I get poked on my arms and legs and get pulled, my blanket pull away. My face rubbed. My nose pinched, my body sinking into the bed, when I try to ignore it, it gets stronger, and won't leave me alone. Sometimes I can feel like it's more than one spirit taunting me. I am very scared to die. I know there is a afterlife. I can always feel spirits around me, they are everywhere. Some are strong. Some I feel a very negative vibe. Give me tingles down my spine. I have so many more experiences to tell. But I guess if anyone is interested. I publish it in the future.

I have experienced a lot and still going. Thank you for reading.X

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Nicoleee67 (3 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-25)
You might have felt your moms spirit but the spirit that was making your body sink is not your mom. I honestly do not think that your mom would scare you like that. This spirit sounds aggressive. If I were you I would be careful and take precautions. Try burning sage or saying a prayer?:) I'm not a professional but from what I read from my research its definitely worth a try!:)
blind-seer (3 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-25)
You may very well feel your mothers presents, but I don't believe your mothers spirit would allow fear or try to enter your body. You maybe attracting negative entity's by being in a negative state of mind try to think and feel only good things. Good attracts good.
Lilylove1 (33 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-24)
It is not your mother, only a "familiar spirit". These are fallen angels pretending to be someone you know to let your guard down. It has been around you to know your situation, so it can deceive you. Rebuke them in Jesus' name. You will feel safer. Read "Satan's Dirty Little Secret" by Steve Foss. Follow his advice. Another book to read that WILL help rid you of these wandering spirits is "Let Our Children Go" by Rebecca Greenwood. Resist the devil and he will leave.
VlorOfCourse (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-22) seems that shes trying to show you that shes still here.
Maybe your mother is trying to let you move on from this; and sshow you that lifes still worth living. My grandpa does that when I get like that. He tells me it's okay; and puts a picture of me getting a hug. You could ask your mother to give you a more postive experience if these are bothering you.
Medium-Feeler-Teacher (1 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-22)
sometimes they scare us to make us stronger. So saying that you are afraid to die, maybe they are trying to make you a stronger minded person. I used to have the same things happen to me, but once I got over my fear they stopped scaring me. But I still feel them there, and let me just say that sometimes a spirit will feel scary but maybe they are trying to tell or show you something and don't know how to show it. Just follow your gut feelings 😁
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-22)

It sounds like your mother has been protecting you, intervening to show you that this is not your time to go, especially from grief over losing her.

I think the pills and other substances allowed other entities to enter your space when you were in a negative place--and had psychic abilities.

You will need to reverse this negative attraction. Your mother would be a good ally to do this. Ask her for help. Work on raising your own vibrational level, being more happy. Learning methods of protection--like bring white light down into your crown and throughout your body--can help. Also ground yourself. There are many ways to do this. Do some research. But then enlist the help of your mom to get you through this negative-attraction phase.

Those entities will then not bother you. Law of Attraction says that whatever we think about, we attract to ourselves. If we think about loss, sadness, we attract loss and sadness. If we think about anger and frustration, we attract it. And it applies in the old "Don't think of a blue elephant" way--you immediately think of the blue elephant. So state what it is you do want, in a positive way. Spend some time visualizing, in as much detail as you can muster, what it is you want for your life. It takes a bit longer in physical, but with iteration, you will attract what you want. You can just watch the pieces fall into place.

Good luck to you.

Isle - Lora

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