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I am trying to make sense of what I am experiencing so any and all help would be great. For the last several years I have been seeing random images/events while dreaming that have come true. I saw an image from my uncles wake roughly 4 months before he passed and when I lived out the event I eventually synced to the image I saw. I saw my current boss while dreaming before I was even hired and I have seen the events of my current boss firing me. I don't know when it happens but I do know the people that are there and the entire conversation. Several months back I saw images play out from a date I had 2 weeks ago which was great because when I met her for first time there was no fear and I am generally shy around women. The fact that I saw at least part of this play out before hand made the experience a lot more fluid and less awkward on my end. I have seen a few more of what I am calling visions one of which is me carrying a casket at a funeral. Looking at the casket I am front right it's spring and I am watching myself carry it through the cemetery to it's final resting spot. I don't know who is in it. However, I can\'t help but draw a correlation to the last vision I have had of me getting engaged to a woman I can't see. She is shaded out, she agrees to marry me and I tell her I wish we would have dated sooner my mom would have loved to have met you.

I don't entirely know what to make of what I see and from what I have read about deja vu it's the universe telling me that I am on a path. If that is true that would be great because I have been lost pretty much most my life and just along for the ride. It would also be great to get a better handle on when these visions happen and to be able to better gauge when the events are actually going to happen.

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LightMight (1 stories) (14 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-17)
Hi justinw427

I have a few suggestions that might help; these are subjects that you can easily research online, or find at most bookstores/libraries.

1. Start keeping track of your precognitive dreams and visions by writing them down right after they happen (also called "Journaling"). Be as detailed as possible. Journaling can help you validate your dreams/visions that correspond to real life events that unfold. Personally, I have found that journaling can be a great outlet and release for what I am seeing and feeling. You might even start feeling that these visions you have can be 'cues' (signals) in your life for what is about to unfold in your near future. You have a gift, so go ahead and use it to your advantage.

2. Research how to become more centered and balanced (you can google "How to Become Centered" and "Positive Visualization"). Practicing daily centering will definitely help you feel more balanced and grounded in your life, instead of having that free floating through life 'lost' feeling. Positive visualization can help you get focused on your own purpose in life. In other words, focusing on: healthy living, while making positive and meaningful life experiences happen. Also, it can help to get rid of lingering self doubt and negative energy.

Both of these are extremely easy tasks that anyone can do, and it takes very little time out of your daily routine. Seriously, it's worth the effort; plus it can really help you hone and sharpen your abilities.
Take care 😉

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