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I Saw A Embryo Child In The Sun


I was up north of New Zealand, and I saw a child like embryo in the sun itself. I was not trying to look at the sun, but it flashed at me, when I closed my eyes I saw this entity in the sun itself. This was less than 12 months ago, now I'm struggling to discern between reality and dreams, it's quite frightening. I believe I had a spiritual Awakening, where I became One. I sometimes feel like I can read people deepest emotions, but I am not sure how, I don't think I am directly psychic, but I feel I have accidentally let in some dark forces into my mind. I meditate, listen to Tibetan chants. I read that this will pass in time as I work through my karmic pain. I see this face in my mind, at changes with my own emotions, like it's my own perceptions of my own psyche, like I am witnessing the true nature of what bad thoughts and intentions can bring. I don't want this, it scares me and makes me feel as if I have lost all control. I have had seizures in the past and was diagnosed with epilepsy, so this may all be connected.

I may have been hexed somehow, does anyone know anything I can do, physically, mentally and spiritually to heal myself? I don't want these psychic insights anymore and want to come as close to a normal person as I can. I am realistic that this may never happen, but I want to know if anyone had felt anything similar.

It actually got worse after I watched a video on peoples trip reports from daytura, I haven't true the stuff and never intend to, but it send strange that it somehow aggravated the negative thoughts.

Does anyone have any tips for staying sane? Stay safe everyone.

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Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-13)
Try looking more into Empathy than just "psychic". Empathy is about feeling others emotions, and through emotions you then can read people a lot more. As you grow and develop it can also go from just emotions to feeling pretty well any sense they may have. However, the catch. You don't just feel the good, you can feel the bad as well. Pain, anger, frightened and more. When a new Empath first starts, they don't know how to choose who to connect with, so instead they start making connection with anyone around them and quickly have an Empathic overload. This can burn them out quickly, and often times make them try and isolate themselves. I'd look into Empathy itself first and see if it sounds like you. And don't worry, even with the bad it's still an amazing thing to feel someone far away and know what they feel. You feel almost like you're the same person.
~ Lyro

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