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Experiencing Things That My Medium Girlfriend Is Gifted With


First for introductions. Hi, I'm Aikz. I'm 27 will turn 28 this May. My girlfriend is Rein. She is 29 and will turn 30 this November. For starters a little about myself I'm sensitive to feeling and sensing when someone is looking at me or someone is just there. I just choose to ignore. When I met my girlfriend it didn't take long. The very first day she told me she can see ghosts. And then the longer we were together she started sharing with me experiences. Trust is something we do the best we can to not lose. And not all the time people will understand, come to believe, or want to listen in regards to another world besides what our physical eye sees. Because a lot of us humans its in our nature to sometimes cling on to what is familiar. In other words I'm the type of person that clings on to what I am comfortable with. And stubborn to accept anything I don't want to. And opening my third eye is something I'm stubborn to even consider. I refuse it. Because I know deep down I'm just not that strong. I am strong in many things and even in those many things I struggle with. But in regards to another world of seeing the unfamiliar, the dead, etc. It's something I know in my gut, my heart, my mind, and soul that I cannot. I'm scared of what it will make me to be.

My girlfriend she's gifted like most of you. And I'm honored to be around such people or have most of you read this. Because I'm here to share insight, thoughts, opinions, and maybe get a better understanding to the world around what you all see. My girlfriend is a true medium. I know that because there was many times it was proven. Let me share this short story with you all:

I was watching Dead Files (Amy Allan). It is my favorite show. I had the volume so high because its just me in the house. And I like to feel like I'm in the theater lol. I started hearing footsteps upstairs (neighbor unit). Nobody lives there. I've never heard any footsteps, ever. Until that night. The footsteps were coming in different places. And it sounded like someone was dragging something very heavy. Very heavy footsteps. A lot of noise. Sometimes the footsteps would follow where I am. If I'm in the bathroom it would be right above me. I came home one afternoon after school. I looked at my neighbor window the windows was open. I was surprised. Because those windows are always closed. And like I said no one lives there. I was video calling with my girlfriend. I showed her live the window. She said a woman standing there. I said, No! No one is there. She said, No really love there is a woman standing there in the window. I got scared. I went back inside my unit to eat. I couldn't get my mind off it. So she told me to look again. So I went outside. And the second time I stared into that window. I saw her. And my hair all over my body I felt rise. I'll never forget her face and how she starred at me. It was very very uncomfortable. My dad, my brother, and I went upstairs to see if someone really lived there. The door was secured with a safety lock. Totally impossible to lock yourself from inside out. So basically what my girlfriend told me was true and who we saw was very much a ghost. Even now I feel uncomfortable sharing it. I just want to say I respect the dead and will not share this again. I have clean intentions as to why I'm sharing this. I need insight and help.

I'm sure most of you are asking what is it really I need help with? Well, let me start off by saying. My girlfriend and I are in love. I've fallen hard and strong for her. And because of that my senses and feelings to my surroundings has also enhanced. I don\'t know if there is anyone here who have never had these abilities but once with someone who is a medium starts to get some of it? Please share your story. Maybe I can learn something from you. Because really that is why I'm here. I want to learn to control my fears. And learn to be braver. And know what to do when certain things unexpected occurs.

I had a dream. And I shared this with my girlfriend. By the way my dreams ever since she and I started dating has been very vivid. Very detailed. And I cannot forget. One of them just recently is we were in a forest. Very dark. The neighborhood lights showed from a distance but it was very far. We were walking to meet a group of ghosts/spirits. My girlfriend took me with her. She talked to one tall man. (later after sharing it to her found out that's her uncle) All of those she was talking to knows I was there. They saw me and knows I can see them. But didn't pay attention to me. Non came near me. Except ONE. A woman. (later found out all of them were her relatives) The woman warned me and said, "prepare yourself because she will always have dead people around her." Until now I cannot forget that dream.

I'm not a strong person inside when it comes to things like this. But for the first time. If I were to choose. I would be strong and force myself to be for the right person and the right reasons. That is what I just recently learned about myself today. I say this because my girlfriend and I talked earlier. Let me share it with you:

She said, "Be honest with me. Are you now scared?"

I said, "yes very much, so much. Of all the women in the world why me, why you?"

She said, "you can still back out."

I said, "I can't lol. I really can't."

She said, "why? Yes you still can. Because to be honest you will start to see once you are with me"

I said, "I can't because I love you. It's too late to back out now."

I am in love with her very much. And even though facing things like this is very hard for me. I am not a quitter and I don't give up. Especially on those I truly love and care for. I know she will have battles and hardships she will have to endure on her own that even I cannot come with her or probably even allowed to know.

So. My question is to you all. What will I be experiencing being with a medium? We are not even married yet, and I'm already feeling and sensing and having very vivid dreams never before. What more if we are married? Will it get more intense? Have you ever experience that? How did you deal with it? I'm afraid. I won't be of any help to her. I'm afraid I'll just be a sack of heavy bag she'll have to worry or care about. And to be honest, I want to be the person she comes home to from a drain day or tired day to lean on. I know part of that is what that woman said to me. The reason behind what that woman said to me (prepare yourself because she will always have dead people around her) I know behind that the real reason is because I will have to be a strong person she can lean on. And what is strange is that both of us can sense that there will come a time she will have to ask me to come with her. In whatever journey or etc. And I won't say no. So in that case. I would like to be prepared.

Her abilities are enhancing and I know before she turns 30 she has already probably reached her full potential. And I don't want to be left behind.

IS there any advice any of you can give me? Please. I love her and I don't want to lose her and I don't want to know now what I should know to prepare myself for the worst. And not know anything. This place is my only hope I guess. In getting answers.

Thank you kindly to you all for reading this. I really appreciate it.

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rarequirkiness (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-12)
Aikz, it sounds like you also have some natural ability as well.

Based on my personal experience with my husband, which, mind you, we have different gifts than you and your girlfriend, I would say the following may be true also for you:
1) I cannot answer the question about mediumship, so I will let others answer.
2) Once the two of you are spiritually married, I would expect it to get stronger. This may or may not be on the same timeline as your actual wedding date. I think this has something to do with the energies we are surrounded with. It will get stronger over time. I would not expect your girlfriend to reach the peak of her ability at age 30; her gifts will most likely continue to get stronger as time goes on if she continues to use them. The same can be said for you or any other person.
3) I would expect that life will be more difficult for both of you once you are together. Negative entities may even try to tear you two apart. However, it will also be more peaceful and more enriching for your soul and hers. Remember that love overcomes all, especially the pure love you share with your girlfriend. With more gifts come more responsibility. If you were meant for those gifts, you will find more peace in following through on your responsibilities than you would otherwise because it is your path.
4) As far as advice:
a) Take it a day at a time and follow your inner compass/intuition/instincts. Do not be afraid of what might happen. Instead embrace each day for what is and deal with problems that may occur one step at a time.
b) Also, pray/meditate for spiritual discernment so you can tell if an approaching spirit (or live human) has good, evil, or neutral intentions.
c) You need to keep yourself spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy in order to help your girlfriend do the same. This is true for any relationship.
d) Avoid arguments and fighting if at all possible. Try to find the root causes of any anger or disagreements and work together to solve issues that arise. Anger comes from fear and pain, so try to figure out why you or she is feeling this way. Talk nicely with each other when resolving arguments. This is also true for any relationship.

Do not fear the future, be confident in your relationship with her. It is not so unusual for one person to have to follow their spouse to another place.

If you two are meant for each other, you will be more help than harm for her.
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-12)
your girlfriend will know if you are lying to her. It is hard to lie to a medium psychic. She may be able to help the police like a psychic detective. She will be able to pick up on people real fast. And will see dreams of what to do. Like where you should move to. What your baby will look like. Your medium psychic girl friend, will know who is evil around you or a good person.
lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-07)
Maybe you can call Archangel Michael for help. He will give you the courage to see all these things and If you ask him to be permanently assisted by your side throughout your life you can ask him not to let you see anything scary and he will act as a bodyguard and not let you see anything which might scare you. Read Doreen Virtues books:) <3
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-30)
I too am a medium, and I can tell you from experience it is both a blessing and a curse. Until you are married, you probably won't completely become medium too, however, your shared bond of love will allow you to experience the medium experiences she will experience. Mediums are a very powerful type of psychic, because they are not limited to what they can see. Often a powerful medium can see into all 7 planes, can see demons, angels, shadows, orbs, spirits, poltergeist, etc. They also often develop other abilities with their mediumship. For example they often develop empathy, auric sight, premonitions, astral projection and in some cases psychic vampirism. All of this can be overwhelming, but it is controllable and perfectly fine. Nearly every medium has all of the clairs, so you will likely be able to see, hear, feel (emotions), sense (location), taste, smell, and touch (physically) the supernatural eventually. Once you're married, your girlfriend is completely correct. You will become a medium, just as she, especially if she is a strong medium. Marriage is a bond, your marriage will not only unite you, but it will allow both of you to augment the others capabilities. There is much more to say and describe, however I have to go for now. Feel free to email me, its in my profile

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