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A Spirit Is Following My Girlfriend


I started dating my girlfriend a few months ago and we've gotten a lot closer and more comfortable with each other. She's told me about stories how weird things have been happening to her ever since she could remember. She has also had a very traumatic past; living in the ghetto with an abusive father and an absent mother. She was into intimacy, drugs, and violence at a very early age. She's gotten past all of that for the most part starting from when her mother finally got her and her brother out of that area when she was 17. So now a bit of the weird stuff that she's told me about: she feels drastic temperature changes at times (usually when she's reaching for something like a remote or shampoo in the shower), she also smells rotten eggs or a disgusting scent out of nowhere, she has nightmares that she can't recall (which I have seen firsthand), she sleepwalks (but only when she's really tired), and recently she would hear inaudible whispers from an unknown source. During a recent road trip she also said she saw a hooded figure standing along the side of the road (this was right around sunset), I was driving and I had zoned out, just focusing on the road when she told me this so I missed it, it easily could have been a person but also, it may have been something else entirely, I have no idea. We took a trip together and one night she was especially tired because she didn't get much sleep the night before; we were sleeping in our hotel and I noticed that her body started twitching, like her hand and her foot but then she started breathing heavily, forced exhale and inhale. Then she started moving around a little more and started changing positions more frequently and also making sounds, like scared sounds? Like she's having a nightmare. Finally it seemed like she was trying to get out of bed, trying to sit straight up and other times trying to get her legs out of bed. At first I would try to call out her name really loudly but she wouldn't wake up, then I would physically hold her down to keep her from getting out of bed and when I did that is when she would wake up VERY startled then she would be awake and act like nothing happened, like she had no recollection of a nightmare and didn't recognize how freaked out I was. This happened 4-5 more times but after the 3rd time it happened I sat her up and talked to her and we had a short conversation about what's going on and I was questioning her to see if she remembers anything from her dreams but she just couldn't. I was finally able to sleep when it seemed like she stopped trying to get out of bed. In the morning she told me she had no memory of any of it, literally nothing at all, not even a memory of her waking up startled after I tried to hold her down from getting out of bed or even our full on conversation that we had, it was really scary, she had no memory of any of it, not even talking to me.

She has also told me that in the past about a friend she used to spend time with. He was an older man and he knew that he had spirits following him. One day she went over to his place after he came back from a trip to Las Vegas and he was telling her that he felt like a spirit had followed him back. Shortly after he told her this she fell ill, she felt incredibly sick in the apartment and had to leave but the instant that she stepped out of the doorway of the apartment she felt better. All of her nausea and the sick feeling went away. She took the cue and went home but while she was in bed she felt a coldness on her upper right thigh and right when she felt it, she got a phone call from her friend. He asked her if she felt a cold feeling on her upper right thigh, because he was feeling that exact same thing at that exact moment. She was freaking out because he was describing it exactly how she was feeling it and when the feeling moved lower on her leg, her friend was describing it as it was happening. Then all of a sudden the lamp light next to her bed turned off and the friend asked "did your lights just turn off?" and she replied "yes". She was so freaked out but he was trying to calm her down because he was more used to these types of occurrences, so he told her to calm down and turn the light back on, so she did but then immediately the lamp turned off again. So he told her to just leave it off and just wait it out. Eventually, the weird things stopped happening after a little while, they stayed on the phone but she told him that she couldn't be around him anymore because she doesn't want spirits to be clinging onto her like that.

Another incident happened when her mother's friend came over who is a psychic. The psychic was reading her tarot cards and doing her fortune and trying to give her some insight on her life but when she tried asking the psychic more personal and intimate questions the psychic said that she couldn't. She couldn't see any further because there was a black veil or force that was blocking her sight. The psychic said that it was the same thing that she sees when she tries to look into her mother. The psychic said that whatever was blocking her sight did not have a benevolent feel to it, it was not friendly, it did not mean to do good. The psychic then guessed that because it was attached to both her and her mother that maybe it was an angry spirit that was related to them and was protecting them (because nothing has happened to them that hurt them, it's just inconvenient and scary) but, that was just a guess.

Other incidences that may or may not be related. She gets sick when she enters churches, last time she went into one for a service with her mother she felt a crushing chest pain, like something was putting all of their weight on her chest. When she was really little she was baptized and after she came out of the water she broke out in a rash (not sure if it was immediately after she came out of the water or if it was a day or two later). Also, her brother tried killing himself this year with a gunshot wound to the head. Somehow, the bullet did not kill him and he made a full recovery in a a month or two (I can't remember exactly how long). The doctors called it a miracle because that sort of thing just doesn't happen where a person heals that quickly with no cognitive deficits. Also, recently my girlfriend was also diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and within the span of a week, from the day they did the first scan to the day she was supposed to start her chemotherapy the cancer had disappeared. At the start of the week they did a scan and she had Stage 2 breast cancer, 7 days later she went in to start her treatment and they did another scan, her cancer was completely gone, not a single trace of it anywhere. They repeated the scan 3 more times and couldn't find anything, they called it a medical miracle. Another reason why it might be a spirit that's family, maybe it's protecting them? I don't know.

I don't have a lot of experience with this sort of stuff and before I met my girlfriend and before all of this stuff started happening I didn't believe in any of it. But little by little I'm starting to. She's also getting to the point where she thinks she needs help because she feels like it's getting worse because of the recent addition of hearing whispers or voices although she can't make out out what it's saying. She usually just tries to ignore it and not think about it but she's actually really scared and worried. We don't really know what else to do but she was thinking about contacting her mother's psychic friend (who moved to Canada) and seeing if she knows of anyone in Texas that could help her and maybe cleanse her of this spirit that's been following her. But I figured I could also help by reaching out and doing my own research to see what could be done about this, please we need help.

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-11)
Hi Dalekim. Hi ThulsaDune, nice to see you here as well. Eh, maybe it comes from her childhood? I heard traumatic events make you open to these attacks, cause then you're just looking for any kind of support or strength. It's like making an unintentional pact with the evil? Like,"let me feed on you and I'll provide you protection" thing? And your soul just latches onto the false promise. She might also be bitter about her childhood? Probably came from her parents too? Maybe some part of her still hasn't let go of the past and these things are getting more fuel cause of it? Might want to see that. Just saying. Hope you're doing good now.
WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-17)
There are a few things you can do to discourage them from hanging around her. Get a Himalayan Salt lamp, it will create an effect that neutralizes negative ions like a weird form of air filter. Also slow burning Sage and citrus essential oils, but not at the same time. In door plants and soft uplifting music helps to create a positive atmosphere on a spiritual level. I have also heard that violet amethyst is considered the "Stone of the Spirit" because it wards off negative energies. If all else fails you could see if a priest will do a cleansing blessing on both her and your home, some of these things are more like the placebo effect but if it works, it works. I do know of documented cases were these things seemed to help a lot in cases like yours. Most of these are slow effecting deterrence so the effects aren't instant solutions, be patient when trying these methods. I wish you the best of luck, there are other solutions but they are more aggressive and you want to avoid using these methods if possible.
ylladybug (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-16)
dalekim...Belief in this is rarely, if ever, based on the type of "evidence" you're apparently looking for. You can watch numerous programs on this and see plenty of evidence... Or you can watch what is happening to your girlfriend and see plenty of evidence. The key is whether or not you CHOOSE to believe, have faith in, and trust the evidence you see. It reminds me of a book written by a very successful neurosurgeon who had patients tell him about their near death experiences while on the operating table. He would pass it off with scientific reasoning (neurons blasting, etc.)...but that all changed one day when HE died from a medical emergency and was brought back to life. He had a near death experience... Saw them working on his body, saw the white light, went through the tunnel, was met by dead loved ones, etc., etc... And now it's one of his life missions to tell others about it. So... I guess what I'm telling you is that you're either just going to have to believe in this through faith... Or you'll have to experience it for yourself.

Once again... Good luck with everything!
Boson (179 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-16)

You have received many good advice already, so I will be short. I cannot say definitely just from reading your posts if there is a demonic presence but regardless, I would like to suggest 2 things and if they are done properly, should resolve this issue and her life should be able to return to normal.

1. Remove any and all negative presence around her.
2. Practice daily spiritual protect.

Number 2 is a good practice for anyone really. There are dark entities roaming the world and it's always good to be prepared since you never know if you will randomly encounter one of them.

I can also attest that the power of Jesus/God is certainly a real power and as a matter of fact there is no stronger power in the universe so why not use the strongest force available. I have had many personal experiences with demons and I can tell you honestly that they flee in an instance when you invoke this divine power because they know that they are weak in the presence of Jesus/God.

I hope that helps a little.

dalekim (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-16)
I am just having so much trouble really believing... I am a skeptic when it comes to these things and I definitely err on the side of logic and science over faith and God. I feel silly even going on these sites and asking for help but I want to explore all options and explanations. Is there anyone who can somehow prove to me that this stuff is real, any hard evidence to prove to me so that I may believe? I'm sorry if that's an inappropriate/insensitive request but I really want to believe but I just can't without evidence. I'm still trying to convince myself that everything that's been happening has some sort of logical or scientific explanation to it. Please, if someone could prove to me that this is real by maybe telling me something that they could not possibly know or anything along those lines... I would be so much more inclined to believe.

Side note: I was just driving with my girlfriend an hour ago and she said that she felt something cold tracing her face and she was smelling the rotten eggs again. I didn't smell or feel anything like usual. But then I tried something, I put my hands on her as well as my head and I prayed (silently), I prayed for God to protect her and whatever was on her to leave her alone in the name of Jesus Christ. I tried it because I figured I didn't have anything to lose. When I closed out my prayer with Amen, she jumped a little and said she felt the coldness on both of her shoulders and then it left. Now this incident really freaked me out because it happened exactly when I said "Amen" in my head and that's when it went from tracing her face/arms to going to both shoulders and finally disappearing but, then again could it also have just been a coincidence...? I just don't know... I don't know what to believe, I don't know what to do, this is all so bizarre and so frightening...

She is the love of my life and I want to marry her but I'm honestly scared of moving forward because of these occurrences. I really need help.
ylladybug (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-15)
dalekim...Just wanted to add a few thoughts in case it may help. Actually, my thoughts encompass what all of you have said thus far... And just for the record I'm a Sensitive.

I agree with ThulsaDune that it sounds like there's some demonic activity at play. Just so you know, demons are not all the same though and can run the gamut from "bad" to "super baddest of the bad". However, I also agree with Meril that there could be some psychological issues at play too. Unfortunately it's common for demons to attach to people who are vulnerable...mentally, emotionally and physically. A survivor of abuse is especially vulnerable, so some type of therapy would definitely help with totally severing the attachment.

Regarding your previous response... First of all, there is no such thing as a "good Christian" and going to church has nothing to do with your God and your spirituality. (In my mind I just actually yelled that at you! Lol). There are many names for God and many ways to worship... Just please don't confuse rules and religion for what's truly important. Regarding your girlfriend being an atheist though... I really don't know how to address that... My mind is always with spirit so that's not something I can comprehend.

The other advice you received is great... Just let me stress that this won't magically go away on its own. You need to have help. Oh... And please don't confuse what's happening with her and her brother. Instead of it being the dead family member who "cured" her cancer... Maybe it was the demon who made something false show up in the first scan just to cause chaos and turmoil... And the later ones were actually correct. The brother may have had a miracle or help from spirit... Or maybe it was just dumb luck he survived. Lol. They each have their own paths, so it's important to evaluate their situations separately.

If you have any other questions I can help with just let me know. In the meantime I wish you much luck and love getting through this... ❤
dalekim (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-14)
Thank you both for the advice but, a psychological disorder doesn't explain everything that's been happening to her.
ThulsaDune, I am definitely a skeptic in when it comes to this stuff. I have never experienced anything paranormal and even when my girlfriend smells or feels something and I'm right next to her I don't sense anything, so it's hard for me to understand and truly believe that this is happening but, I'm trying because my girlfriend believes and the things she tells me scares me. She is also an atheist, due to her past experiences she has not had much inclination towards God or faith. I'm not particularly a good Christian either, I do pray once in a while when I need help but I don't go to church or anything, I don't consider myself a very religious person but, I don't have a problem praying for her every night. Are you sure this is demonic? Because I feel like these "medical miracles" that have happened are good things aren't they? Why would a demon or spirit or whatever get rid of her cancer and/or have her brother recover from a gunshot wound to the head (or is that all coincidence?) Also, for the dream catcher I definitely won't be able to do that, due to certain circumstances, I don't have access to her room or her things like that. Also, she says she thinks she only sleepwalks when she's incredibly tired. When we were on our trip, on the night she almost sleep-walked, she was exhausted because the night before, she couldn't sleep because of my snoring (hehe). So that night I made sure that she fell asleep before I did and that's when I noticed that all stuff happening, could it just be normal sleepwalking behavior because she was just so tired? We also don't sleep together often, last week was the first time it's happened since we started dating and that's because we went on a trip together. I just want to make sure that this can't be explained scientifically or some other explanation without being called "demonic" because that word scares the crap out of me.

She told me that she found out she sleepwalks because her mom told her. She's found her a few times either standing in the living room, in her room scratching the wall, or standing over her mom with the cat in her arms (that was the scariest one for her) but every time, the mom just gently guides her to her own bed and tucks her back in and she's fine. There was also one time my girlfriend woke up one morning in the bathtub with water in it, which was totally unexplained until she found out she sleepwalks.

If this is worst case scenario, how do I get help? Where do I start?
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-14)
Hello dalekim,

I was compelled to open up this site this evening. My alarm bells were going off and would not quiet down until I at least attempted to open up and comment on your situation. I am not on here all the time, because I am very busy with a lot of things and helping and advising other people. I am a different kind of psychic than you will commonly interact with. I try and help people who really need it and expect nothing in return. I give what information that I think will help and do not wish to scare or offend anyone.

I am a Christian and a psychic and try to balance both at the same time. I deal with the darker and nasty things that come about. You can read my profile page and find out about older posts. Not everyone will agree with me and that is ok.

I get visions and information given to me in many different ways. Sometimes they don't make sense until the right things sync up. It is like lock tumblers falling into place and all at once, boom everything becomes open and clearer.

There is a reason that the psychic she used could not see through the boundary or perfect word " Veil ". That is because what you are dealing with is Demonic in nature and not a restless spirit. These things have been summoned in the past and are picking on easy targets.

It is not going to be fixed with psychoanalyzing.
A psychologist will just make thing worse. A channeler will also invite trouble in this situation.

This is going to take a clairvoyant in your area sensitive to dark negative energies for location purposes. Ritual cleansing and blessing of people and property. A priests involvement in exorcisms and counseling.

Finally, A strong faith in GOD and a prayer warrior group to assist in the future.

What you are dealing with will not leave peacefully. You are dealing with more than one and she is being possessed over and over again.

The older man you spoke of is also part of this. He is also being possessed. The reason they both were feeling the same experiences at the same time was the links between the Demons working together all at the same time.

You can laugh and blow this off if you want to, but I am serious. I see things very few psychics do. I am not the only one, but there aren't a lot of us. I gain nothing by telling you these things, but am truly concerned for other people. I am not trying to scare anyone, but I want you to know what you are dealing with.

You need to start praying for her every night before she lays down to sleep. There is a reason why she does not remember anything that happened to her during her sleep. Next time she starts to sleep talk, and she will, ask her who she is and where she is. Right it down to refer to later.

This is going to sound nuts, but buy her a dream catcher and give it to her as a gift right away.
Take a pinch of coarse salt say a prayer of blessing over it and put it inside her pillow case in the bottom, but don't tell her.

This will help ease some of her nightly attacks. It should lessen the frequency.

You take this information or leave it. I can only help as much as people will let me.

Trust me that this will get worse before getting better. You need to take this serious and be strong for her and You. If you start to make headway on this be warned that you also will become a target for rocking the boat.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, but you need help from many different directions.
Meril (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-14)
If your girlfriend has been through traumatic experiences in the past stemming from childhood, and can't recall certain conversations, and hearing voices, it might be Disassociate Identity Disorder (DID), at least, it reminds me of it. It's when a person's personality fragments, to store tramatic events and information that might be too traumatic or scary for the Host to handle. The brain does this as a form of survival against events that are too overwhelming to handle during that time. It's similar to when people can't recall tramatic accidents, like car crashes. They might remember things leading up to the accident, but not the accident itself, it's just blank. A psychologist might be able to help her.

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