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Uri Geller Telekinesis


I am a fan of Uri Geller,

He is a weird psychic and that I like. I used to try to bend spoons and it didn't work. I tried everything and failed. I eventually gave up and I tried bloody hard.

One day I was watching Uri on youtube and I had a compass in front of me. As Uri was fixing watches he shouted "WORK WORK" and I looked at the compass and said "MOVE" and the thing moved. Oddly telekinesis works better when he is on youtube.

I had another experience. I had a piece of metal and shouted "BEND BEND" at it. Eventually, it got soft like plastic I bent it. I got more of those things.

Oddly telekinesis works better when Uri is on youtube. It also works better when you play certain isochronic tones.

I am still, however, a failure at telekinesis and once studied from youtube Trebor Seven but gave up as it is not for me. I am a psychic not a telekinetic. Telekinesis is the biggest waste of time on earth unless you can move footballs like Uri.


This skill is a waste of time. Trebor Seven can move a dice by one roll in about 10 minutes What a waste of time. Easier to do that by hand.

The only things telekinesis is good for is altering electronics and growing plants everything else is irrelevant. Some people on youtube can alter radio signals and make light bulbs light up. I cannot even begin to do that.

I also have a spoon that I torture every now and then. I try to bend it and have mixed success. I shout bend and it softens. I got it to bend by a large amount when I was in a hypnotic trance.

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Onijinn (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-29)
Uri Geller is an illusionist, most of his telekinetic "evidences" are tricks instead of the real deal.

If you want a better example of real telekinesis you should check this channel (Telekinesis: Mind Possible). I won't say that he is 100% legit or fake, but so far seems to be the one most interested in trying to be more rigorous/serious with the experiments and the recordings.

As with every skill there will some that you "have a knack for", some that will take time and others that you will never be able to get the hang of. Telekinesis might not be doable to you, but it doesn't mean that is a waste of time.
There are literally hundreds of other skills in the psychic/supernatural list, so why get stumped by only one of them?
Qibound (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-15)

About telekinesis, how long did you practice? It may seem like a waste of time at first if you don't have any patience. Which you seem to not. Sorry also for kind of yelling at you, but when I felt like giving up on telekinesis I pushed myself to try harder and I can now levitate objects and I will continue to grow this ability. Without binaural beats, which only prove to allow people to take the hard work of others. You can't control telekinesis with binaural beats. You need to try harder, even if you think you are trying as hard as you can. I have become at peace through telekinesis, among other things, and I think you can too. NEVER GIVE UP, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO SOMETHING PSYCHIC! If you don't have patience, you will never get the things you practice months for, especially psychic things.

Good luck on your spiritual journey, you have a lot of talent but you need more hard work to make that talent useful.
Boson (179 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-11)
Hi barkingmad,

That's cool! I think there are many ways to bend a spoon mentally. To me, relaxing the mind works best, in combination with a strong will that you want to bend the spoon and a belief that it's possible. I have never tried any YouTube videos myself.


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