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Unintentional Telekinesis?


To start things off, my telekinesis is not that good. The most I can do is make a small object vibrate very lightly and slightly turn a psi wheel. Pendulums work a wonder when I hold them, but when they are suspended on something else, they hardly move. Now a days, some things have been happening when I am around.

The most recent event was on March 15. I was trying to finish up on my art project while sitting on the floor when it happened. I had color pencil shavings in a small tray right next to me. As I was coloring in the sky, I saw the largest shaving tilt to the right. I would have to say it was about an inch long and three quarters of an inch wide. The air conditioning was off, and the fan was not spinning at that time. When I do manage to do telekinesis intentionally, my mind has this weird blanking out effect which lasts for only a short second. After this blanking out, the object would move. The same thing happened when the pencil shaving tilted.

One event that truly made me start questioning was last year during the winter. I was sitting next to my sister who was doing her own stuff on the computer. I was doodling on some paper at that time. While doodling, I blanked out and this water bottle that sat on the far left of the desk move. I was sitting to the far right. My sister saw the water bottle move as well. There was this cloth on the desk, but I am certain she did not move her leg at all. Moving the bottle without using my hands would have been difficult as it was more than half way full.

Through the day, I would have those odd blanked out moments which were followed by the shaking of pens and pencils that are on my desk/table at school and at home. I have attempted to debunk many of these events only to find that nothing, not even the air, could have moved them. I wasn't even thinking about moving them at all. Lights would flicker when I am very focused into my work. Now that I think about it, these objects move when I am very concentrated into what I was doing at the time. Even though I am concentrated into what I am doing, I still have a sense of what is happening around me, so it can't be a trick of the mind. There has been an increase of such events which I know is not the cause of a spirit. When a spirit is near, I can sense them very easily. My house isn't haunted at all so that is surely not an answer. The only answer that remains is unintentional telekinesis. So is this really unintentional telekinesis? The objects moving move way much more than my actual intentional telekinesis. I would appreciate any answers on this matter!:)

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ha11o-wor_ld (3 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-03)
The exact same thing happens to me! The times when I use telekinesis or other abilities the most effectively is when I go into a subconscious, almost serene state. Once this happens, pens/pencils roll, paper shifts, and small objects move. Your TK is exceptionally strong. It's nice to know that you are still practicing to this day!
Enceladus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-21)
Thank you for your comment, Chief! Now that I have the time, I have been able to practice so I'm a little more better than when I wrote this. I take your advice about saying "not being good". When I happen to feel like that, I watch videos of others doing telekinesis which inspires me to practice even more without overdoing it. It's really sad how so many disregard this ability when they have it themselves. I forgot to add in my story, but when I blank out, I feel this sort of dispelling of energy. I do feel those small glitches when this happens. Once again, thanks for your comment!
ChiefVioletVeil (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-21)
Hello! I completely understand your situation. I have scoliosis in my joints and when I am in fluidity with body and breath, I pop my joints and parts of the place I am in pop too! (the more comfortable I am the more effective). It goes to show how powerful the subconscious mind and un-seen energies around us really are! I'm not an expert as I am learning through observation and intuition. I would recommend however that you keep in your flow as best as you can when this happens. You will notice (if not already experienceing it) small glitches as well once your conscious advances but to be caught up in them can slow your growth. Small detours are fine though.;] have fun kiddo... Oh and never say your tk is not that good unless you have the confidence and belief that you will get to that definition of "good". You make what you are to be.
Love Peace Soul Harmony
ChiefVioletveil313 (YouTube rookie)

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