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My Soul Guide Is Tormenting Me


I am very ordinary person who has never before had any psychic experiences. About 1 year, when I turned 59, my soul guides began contacting me after I asked them for help in receiving my divine inheritance through a reiki attunement. I was led to use a pendulum to first begin communicating with my guides, and then they began talking to me telepathically. In other words, I hear their voices in my head. We have conversations with each other almost constantly throughout the day, every day.

At first, I enjoyed the conversations and experiences. They gave me some visions and signs that were very interesting for me to see & experience. Then they began guiding me to do things I didn't want to do, but they compelled me by constantly sending very strong thoughts and by lying to me about what it was that I was really doing.

Because of their guidance, this last year has been the worst of my entire life. Soul guides control your chakras, and are able to have you experience pain, anguish, fear, rage, etc. They are able to do this at their own will, bypassing what your own mind wants to experience. Your chakras are energy centers along your spinal cords and control your emotions and feelings. I can no longer control my own feelings and I am now experiencing mostly anguish, depression & fear, with occasional violent feelings of rage or anger.

They are now having me contemplate suicide. They have told me that the reason I have gone through so much agony, anguish, and total financial destruction is because my conscious mind needs a physical reason to commit suicide. They have pushed me into a corner that I cannot get out of, and my entire life has been literally destroyed. My finances are completely extinguished and I have literally no place to turn. They have told me that my 'divine inheritance' is actually whatever my destiny is for this life, and that it is possibly my destiny to commit suicide.

I don't know if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I have met very few people who are going through what I have gone through. My soul guides have told me that these feelings of anguish & depression are also normal with the kundalini awakening that I am going through. You can look up 'dark nights of the soul' to read more about kundalini awakenings. A person going through kundalini awakening will experience devastating personal/financial losses, bad luck, and almost unendurable emotional pain.

So I don't know if these extreme emotions are actually kundalini awakenings or simply the emotions & devastation that could possibly lead me to suicide. I know that death is not the end of life, at this point it would be a relief from the torment that my soul guides are putting me though. I know that my soul guides will guide me though my suicide, which will be neither painful nor depressing. They have told me that if it IS your destiny is to commit suicide, they help by raising your body's physical vibrations to a point where you feel very lightheaded and surreal, and they fill your mind with natural opiates, so that you feel very dreamlike when they help you to pass over. They have done this several times already and it is very pleasant experience - they have told me that it quite similar to taking opium.

It does however, sadden me very greatly to know that my conscious mind (not my spiritual mind, but the part of my soul that lives within my brain and will simply go to sleep if I die) will not be able to experience the dreams that my soul guides filled my life with these last 12 months.

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)
Hello Henna,

It saddens me to hear about your story and all the negativity that you have experience from the darker side of the spiritual realm, because all this could have been avoided with proper protection. You just cannot trust any spirits blindly, for instance by listening to them. There are spirits of the Light and you can always trust them, but here are also spirits of the Darkness and they can lie anyway they want. So how can you distinguish between a good and bad spirit? By protection because spirits of darkness cannot enter your spaces if you are spiritual protected.

I would suggest that you read about spiritual protection. Just let me know if you have questions.

Henna (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-01)
Hello, and I hope the original poster reads this, even though I am two years late in posting. I do hope she is doing better now and that she did not follow through with any drastic actions.
I too am experiencing something similar. Three years ago I was doing affirmations to win the lottery after reading the Joseph Murphy 'feel good' material, and asked for my guardian angel/higher self to appear and help me. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I didn't expect this:
For three years I have been bullied and tormented by spirit (s) - I am never quite sure how many of them there are. In 2014, the first year, I could hardly sleep due to crazy, crazy non stop dreams and visuals and spirits shouting at me at night. I also heard whispers in my ear and got visuals in my eyes during the day. Turns out they did not want me to win the lottery (which I no longer want anyway, I just want my life and mental health back), and by mid 2015 they finally told me that I need to improve my karma and that they will be 'supervising me' as I do this.
They were never particularly nice, but I tried to like them and respect them. So, then I tried to make a real effort to impress them: saying prayers of gratitude and engaging in lots of charity work that I otherwise would not have done. I also made a massive effort to be a better mother, wife, daughter etc. So I thought they would be pleased. The dreams were still going like crazy (usually with the message that I needed to be a better person) and regularly these spirits would wake me up at night and try to talk to me for hours. My husband would also wake up as I would talk to them in whispers, because I did not know that I could communicate with them telepathically. During the day I also noticed, by mid 2015, that ''a presence' was responding to my thoughts via swipes and lights in my eyes and that it was becoming oppressive, as it was all so negative (like, I would have a loving thought and it would seem to tell me off). I began to get paranoid and left my church group as it felt demonic and the spirits seemed to disapprove of whatever I did. In September 2015 I asked them if they were pleased with my progress and they responded that they were not. This confused me as I had made a real effort, but when I asked them why they did not tell me why. Then the REAL trouble started:
I noticed around that time that they started to not only respond to my thoughts with these swipes in my eyes but also with voices behind my head, just behind my eyes. When it first started I just sank, and said "no, please don't, I am not strong enough for this' and they pulled back slightly for a couple of weeks, but then went for it in a really full on way even though it was obvious that I could not cope with it. The voices and swipes were also working against me, it seemed, like whatever thought I had, even if it was good, I heard 'No' in a really horrid voice (which I still completely hate). At the time I was starting a university masters course and during lectures the presence would just bully me and I would often leave the class for the bathroom in tears. The presence just would not stop, day and night and I fell into serious depression.
By January 2016 I was seriously ill, terrorised day and night by these creatures with voices and swipes throughout the day and horrible dreams and voices during the night. Quite often (and it still happens) the spirits would keep me awake all night and I was told that I ma being 'punished' for having bad thoughts and not being respectful enough. I would beg them, apologising, saying, 'please, I have two young children, I need to sleep, I have lectures tomorrow' and they would still not stop. My husband noticed and I told him everything, and by February 2016 I had been admitted as an outpatient to mental health services, with daily doses of anti depressants and anti psychotic medicines. These spirits did not take kindly to this, and literally began to beat me up at night: violently shaking me with very frightening "whooshes" over my body and expressing their hatred for me at night. I would say, please tell me what you want, and they would only say, 'respect'. I did not know how to do that, as it seemed that they were not worthy of any respect. They seemed like a bunch of deranged imbeciles.
So I turned against them in March 2016, which was a big thing for me as they had completely got me in their talons. Then they started to repeatedly touch me all over my body but especially my face as well as constantly hearing voices and having multiple visuals and flashes in my eyes ever minute of the day as well as keeping upme up all night. I was so ill I had to quit my university course, my mum came to live with us as I was regularly suicidal plus I could not look after my kids as I was so ill. HORRIFIC. I would ask, what do you want? But got no real response. I was so ill that I would go to bed on my medications at 10am once the kids were at school as I did not want to exist, and these spirits got so close to me that I could hear their nasty creepy voices and see them right up close in my mind, with one if them coming at me with a knife. I asked why that was necessary and got told, because I want to punish you. I asked, why are you punishing me? And I got, I want you to obey me. And I asked, what do you want me to do then? And he said, "be sweet and respect me" and I said, but you're completely deranged and ruining my life. Then he said he would stay and just to punish me as he knew he was hurting me. My whole life was hanging in the balance: my marriage, my job, my family, my mental health. It was hell.
Now we are January 2016 and he is still trying to beat me up at night but the voices have largely stopped, thank goodness. Words cannot express how I hate this spirit. He has ruined my life. He now says he wants me to pray to him and worship him. I told him I would never do that as he is the devil and a lunatic, and deserves no worship. The presence is still here 24/7 and it is slowly driving me insane, and I reckon the stress and heavy medications, which I am still on, will send me to an early grave (I am 43). My husband has stuck by me, my kids are aware of it (my youngest says, mummy are you talking to your tiger man again? - as he often appears as a tiger) and I have returned to my course but I am seriously traumatised. Message to all out there: DO NOT, EVER, REQUEST HELP FROM SPIRIT GUIDES. They are evil. They are not godly. They could be demons. I have post traumatic stress disorder from this, and will never get over it. I intend to write a (free) book about it.
Take care all.
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-24)
I agree with zin. Demons pretend to be anything: 'spirit guides' 'helpers' 'healing reiki spirits' 'spirit animals' 'spirits of the dead' 'holy angels of God' 'aliens' 'fairies' 'dwarfs' etc etc etc. They disguise themselves to get your TRUST, and then make you do what they want, namely: to destroy yourself, and others around you! There are people like you, who trusted their spirit guides, but were sadly betrayed by them... And then got supernatural help from our loving father:J.C. They wrote best selling books, about their gut wrenching, mind blowing experiences, which are a treasure of knowledge and experience! You can find them on my prophile, or email me: timfaraos[at] Good luck. God bless!
Blisa655 (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-20)
Who is your higher power? Call on that HIGHER POWER and get rid of those demons. They are LEECHES, parasites, soul suckers. You don't want to die. Your higher power does not want you to die. Life is a gift JOY is the ultimate drug NOT possession. Guides are GUIDES, your HIGHER POWER is greater than your "guides"

Say three times, if you are sent from (whoever that higher power is) please stay, if not leave and never come back. Burn rose incense, or get a selenite crystal. Raise the vibration of your surroundings. You are the vessel YOU are in control.

Kundalini awakening brings you to light and love not depression and hate.
GrimReaper (1 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-19)
Your guides have tricked you and you need to get rid of them and/or ignore what they say. IF something tells you negative things, they are not good for you.
Zin (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-19)
Sounds demonic in nature, it is important to remember when opening yourself up to the paranormal, anything can come in and pretend to be something else. Demons do this in various ways, that being pretending to be a loved one, a spirit guide or an angel. For a time they are nice and kind until you open up to them, and let them in more and more. Eventually, the point will come where they see their chance to overcome you, and then force you to generate energy from which they feed. Suicide produces a massive amount of negative energy and leaves the soul stuck and producing more negative energy, a never ending buffet for a demon.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-18)
There are psychic people on a spiritual path who are tested. Pushed in circumstances, relationship, work FEEL overwhelmed and have a nervous breakdown.

It is only Evil that would have the nerve to say, "your
Destiny" is Suicide. That statement would be a Violation of fulfilling service to mankind. Suicide will cause the soul to have to reincarnated seven times just to make up for the Suicide.

Guides give guidance to encourage.
A Guide would not encourage us to do self harm.

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