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Sensing Soul Separation


When I was 21 my parents explained that in our family if your unborn child has an ability you may experience it during the pregnancy. As an empath my power drove my mother, who is not an empath, nuts. In both of my sons I experienced the ability to see ghosts as clearly as if they were alive and to this day they tell me when my dead sister is close by or when they play with Sarah, a young girl who seems to live in our house. Nothing prepared me for what I felt from my daughter.

My daughter is only two days old as I submit this story. I am hoping someone in the comments can give me some clarity on what she has. My husband and I agreed that we would never hide these things from our children. I wasn't told about my abilities until I was 21 and it scared me to no end up until then because I had no clue why I was so susceptible to feeling what my friends were feeling and having sympathy pain if someone I was close to got hurt. I don't want my children to grow up thinking something is wrong with them.

We had two guinea pigs that we wanted to have babies. The male died suddenly and the female started getting very depressed. She was pregnant though and I had raised guinea pigs before. The hormones from depression in the mother can cause a sense of confusion in the young and sometimes they can't find the birth canal and labor becomes very complicated.

One night when my husband and I got home from a date night and we were about to enjoy the rest of our toddler free night that my family helps us out with once a week, we found the guinea pig laying in a very awkward position and breathing heavily. My husband held her and checked her since he had been a med tech before we met. He said somehow her ribs had been broken on one side. I knew what had happened. The babies got confused and had wrapped their umbilical cord around her ribs while trying to find the birth canal.

As I held her I got this ice cold feeling deep in my stomach. She herself felt very cold and touching her was like having a pocket of ice inside the bones and muscles in my hand and wrist. My husband swears she felt normal temperature to him. Only I felt like she was cold. I felt like the babies were fine, just confused, but I had no way to save them. If their mother died they would too. She was in too much pain to push or think for her babies. She was just twisting into the least painful position she could find to wait it out. She was dead by the next morning. The babies were too.

I had held her on my stomach while she was dying and I felt my daughter get very uncomfortable. She kicked at the guinea pig to try and push her away. I could feel her emotions as she processed this uncomfortable sensation. I had to have my husband put the guinea pig back in the cage. I couldn't hold her any longer. My daughter calmed down after the guinea pig was removed.

I have never seen a prediction of death but I know this wasn't it. It felt like I was feeling a soul begin to leave a body that could no longer hold it. Just this cold sensation of being stripped of life. I don't think she can predict death. I think she can feel when the body is past the point of no return and the soul is only partially attached still.

I don't know what to tell her when she is older or how to help her understand why she's going to feel so sick when someone is that close to death. I've met others with abilities but I have never come across this one. Does anyone know anything about it? I would really like to know more about what my child can do so I can help her understand.

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