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Uncontrollable Telekinesis


I have uncontrollable telekinesis, I am in despair. My loneliness is killing me, When I visit the supermarket just by looking at someone I send some type of ray that makes people turn their heads away. Then they sense it came from me and run away as if I was some monster or something. I can't keep jobs I have held 30. I get heavy anxiety and start to broadcast that it was me or they sense it came from me. I don't know what else to do. I try to be nice to people before they sense me but it's not possible. I have encountered problems because my mind broadcasts images and especially because of this horrible thing I have. I live in constant fear that doctors will put me in jail or do tests on me. I need help I really need someone out there to understand me. I have applied for disability and this process is also killing me. I don't know where to run or what to do. My health has taken a big hit. My blood pressure sky rockets and goes super low I have constant anxiety attacks panic attacks. I have been at the ER for anxiety but staff only looks at me super weird. I am super afraid please help me. I don't talk to no one because no one can take me. Pills don't work I get sick on them. I am in a toxic environment I need to run from here and can't do it without money plus people will just run from me. I am in complete despair.

People can pick up all my thoughts even the ones I have no control of. I think a million thoughts positive and negative ones in just one minute.

There are days were the energy is so strong it's unbearable. I have an inner critic always pulling me down blaming myself. It's as if this ray strips people out of energy for seconds then they just continue doing whatever they were doing. Kids don't react to this. I have encountered healing kids at the supermarket I know I'm not crazy I know this is real and I am in constant fear. Please help me!

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Unicron1000 (guest)
7 years ago (2017-07-10)
Fear can control you. I don't think your crazy. You fear that others see you as a monster. You are not a monster! You are a human being with a special gift. Here is something that can help you control your abilities: Have you ever tried meditation? It can help you relax and control you abilities. 😊

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