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How Can I Control Telekinesis?


I'm 22 named cszee, at my early age about 18-19 while i'm listening to the instructor, their was a time that I slouch and just keep on staring at my pen that is placed on top of my notebook, while I was staring at it i'm having the feeling that it is vibrating, but I didn't give it enough attention, thinking that it was only caused by my seatmate that keeps on moving like a worm who can't stop moving.

When our examination day came, while I was reviewing facing my notebook there are times that I just keep on staring at my pen then suddenly my mind just blanked out when I was recalling what I just memorize and while staring at the pen that is placed on top of my notebook, again I noticed that the pen was vibrating and that I can see its shadow underneath it that it is also moving. Then I just gazed out from it and continued to review for the exams.

Until then that incident was stocked into my mind, then I started to gather information about telekinesis and I even read things on how to do it, how to develop it, and out of curiosity I tried and applying it on a toothpick thinking that it is very light in weight but the result is still the same that the pen and the toothpick is just vibrating or shaking, up until now I just happened to open your site because I just kept on relying on books about telekinesis and I read articles about it that made me move, I've been reading articles from your site for over a week so I decided to share my short experience, hoping that somehow I could get some comment on how I can develop or control it for me to be able to move the object so that somewhat I can understand how this works and on how it could benefit my body from developing it.

Thank you so much!

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Qibound (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-18)
The results are the same, because moving any object takes the same amount of willpower no matter how large it is. I think you should try either levitation, which took me a few months, or you should try standing up a marker on an even surface and try to knock it over. Don't listen to binaural beats if you are feeling like you need to speed up this process, every practice will improve your energy until you can do telekinesis under control. Binaural beats take control away from you even though you will use a lot of accidental telekinesis. Good luck though! I think you have more talent than me, and you should easily get the results with practice.
Boson (179 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-02)
This is a very rare ability and I don't know anyone who has a telekinesis ability. You can consider yourself lucky. All I can do is to wish you all the luck to learn this ability.

kyclie (3 stories) (29 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-05)
Hello ~!

Hmm, maybe you should try simple exercises. Like concentrating and all that. I don't know specific examples but just do plenty and plenty of research. Besides that, practice! Practice does make perfect! If you can't find any info about this, try techniques such as focusing on the object and in your mind, visual and move it to your right side or something like that. You have a very special gift, good luck! The more practice, the more control you'll get.
WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-31)
I am being told that if you are serious about trying to develop this ability check out "Workbook 1 Exercise Supplement for Power Tools for the 21st Century" and "Power Tools for the 21st Century" by Dr. Richard Alan Miller. Don't judge the cover artwork it's what is on the inside that counts. Good luck! 😐

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