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I have many concerns about a lot and wanted to know if there are others experiencing some of these themselves. Well first things is I have a lot of dreams about death disaster money numbers and good and evil battles and sometimes even receiving gifts that most of the times comes true my dreams are mostly bout others and sometimes about my self and it makes me scared to sleep cause I feel like I could've prevented something from happening. When I'm with others such as friends family and strangers they feel the need to share their story or problems and just talking to them I can see very private moments that brought them a great deal of pain or I can see the outcome of their problems good or bad. And I can feel everything there thinking and feeling and sometimes I'm happy or sometimes I just want to cry. And sometimes almost everyday I get very Moody I'll be happy, very sad, depressed and even angry and I don't know why I get very bad headaches when I try to relax and my body feels very drained like I don't have any engry left or no blood in my body I get so weak that I almost feel sick and every year close to my birthday it gets worse and I always feel like I'm never alone when I am. I have deja vu several times a day. I always have tingling sensation in my hands and feet sometimes all over but mostly my hands... Does anyone know what's going on with me and what can I do to help myself? I kind of feel like a basket case because my friends think I'm crazy but they believe in me.

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Bella9 (2 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-05-01)
i understand those feelings. I always have vivid and lucid dreams and they always come true. All of the dreams, show where I will go next and I just wait for it to come to me. Eh, Deja vu is like everywhere, i've been feeling Deja vu quite often these past few days. Sometimes I dream about something like how to open the item and then when I wke up tomorrow, I just open the item. I know about the moody thing, I think you can control it, try not to absorb so much. I mean open. You can control it, cos I did. I used to be so moody. Go meditate. I can't really meditate because I know there's "someone" watching me, and I don't really like it and its hard for me to do it. You are not crazy. Being empathy is kind of awesome cos people can't lie to you, cos you will know. You will know who is negative and positive person. Remember, 'they' can drain you, take your energy. Its exhausting. My gift expands on my birthday. Try to meditate and control it. Don't push yourself. Try to understand, it will take time. I think it would be much better if someone know what you are going through. Someone who is having the same thing.

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