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Growing Up With Empathy, Spirits, Now Kids Are So Now What?


I come from a family of "second sight". But we never talk about it openly. Over the years I gathered stories of unexplained occurrences, knowing things, and avoiding catastrophe. Even witnessing healing than should have never been possible. But our family also has bad luck. The randomness things will and can happen. Makes for great stories, but hell to live with. I often wonder if someone was cursed a long time ago, but I'll never know. Things began to happen when I was younger. I don't know what, but I do remember my mother sitting me down and explaining how the spiritual side of the Bible was real, demons and spirits were real, and ways to protect myself from them. She was vague as to why, just adamant I never do this, or always do that. When I was a teenager, I could see visions. And I was empathetic, but had no clue what that was. Over the years, I would get to the point of thinking I was crazy and in sheer desperation, seek out someone who would help educate. My husband thinks it's the coolest thing in the world, and until recently, I hated it. Seeing ghosts I could ignore, seeing (sensing) the evil stuff, scared me terribly. I can feel when someone is in trouble and call them. One day I had such an overwhelming desire to go somewhere in the woods we were passing, I actually unbuckled my seat belt and opened the door while the car was moving. To this day I still can feel how much my heart ached for not being able to go. And I know places not to go or people to avoid. Forget anywhere emotional like a cathedral, the residual emotions lead to uncontrollable crying. But I learned through trial and error to use some of it. I help traumatized people heal using my gift. Being able to speak what they hide is really freeing, and somehow knowing what needs to be said. Downsides to this: getting your emotions mixed up with someone else's, getting depressed and anxious very easily, burnout, sensitive to emotions within your own house, dreaming about going on vacation in a remote area by yourself. Over the years I watched my own children for any sign, and about 8-9 both talked about seeing things. So I decided I would be more helpful and open than my mother. Result "mom, you're crazy". So I left it alone and it went away. Now, both of them are seeing and hearing things, and the reaction is night and day. My eldest now struggles with depression and anxiety after beginning to see things, and refuses to learn anything from me. She's wrapped herself so tight. My second thinks it's kind of funny, and ignores it. He tells stories about hands coming out of walls or "people you'd see everyday" coming in and out of the house. What do I do? Freak out and put on more protection and prayer around the house. I didn't want to pass it on. I wanted them to be happy and non sensitive. And there is still a part of me that's scared we are just psychotic. So now what do I do? Both of them are experiencing some pretty bizarre health issues also, and I wonder if it's reaction to this, something completely not related, or maybe health related psychosis. But that's the family thing too, weird health things no one ever saw before, nothing helps, then one day, poof, it's gone. I'm young and have stenosis. No reason for me to have it, but I do. My husband contracted legionnaires disease when he was 12. In Texas. Iv'e had so many near death encounters that death doesn't scare me anymore. So how does one help the kids learn to adjust to this? The bad luck, the randomness, the spirits, all the crazy stuff none of their friends deal with, and become well adjusted adults?

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Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-10-05)
To add: Do everything from a place of love. If you try to send hate/fear to an evil entity, it just helps them grow. Protect yourself and loved ones from a place of love rather than hate or fear. Think of it as self-defense rather than attack.
Love1st (guest)
10 years ago (2014-10-05)
I believe that some of it may be hereditary, but it is also a skill/trait that strengthens as you use it and are around others that use it. Some people will try to shut it off in order to cope with it. I would recommend seeking out a spiritual healer that you trust to see if there is a spiritual reason for what you are going through and have him/her do a house cleansing. The stronger I get, the more I am doing what I feel is right, then the more I get spiritually attacked. I don't know if it has to do with my ancestors or if it is simply me doing the right thing that provokes attack.

If you want to be a better example for your children, start by learning not to fear the spiritual realm. You are protected from evil by a higher power if you choose to be. Teach your children how to protect themselves from evil so they won't be scared. They can tell the evil spirits that the evil spirits need to go away because your children have friends that are stronger than them. Also, you can protect your children from spiritual attack; you simply need to believe in yourself and a higher power- believe you can protect your family. It really is as simple as believing. Prayer helps, too.

I would also recommend making sure your drinking water is healthy by having samples tested (no matter what the city says); eat organic foods if possible (or at least eat enough fruits and veggies-you can grow your own to save money, but get the soil tested); get enough rest; meditate/pray regularly; and get regular exercise if you can. Limit stress if at all possible.

Your children won't be adults tomorrow, so take it a day at a time. Relax. Give them the lessons and resources they need right now, and take it a day at a time. What is there to fear if God/higher power is protecting you?

Some spirits/entities are bad, some are there to help, and some are simply there (a mix of both). They are a bit like humans in that way.

Don't let yourself reach burnout spiritually/ emotionally. You have to take care of your needs before you can help others. Remember that. If you are burned out, who can you really help?

To summarize: Don't freak out. Relax. Stay calm. Believe in yourself and God. Pray. Taking care of your own needs is one of the first steps in helping others. You are more than capable of helping your children. No, you're not crazy.

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