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Open Your Heart Chakra-rid Fear


As for all the experiences I have had & the ones you are having, there are so many who need to know the truth to help themselves so I am reaching out to a broader set of people.

~Years ago I learned of the 'white spinning energy flower' is a gift that spirit gave a woman I encountered all by following the guidance of a book that she was led to unknowingly at a book store. ~The book was a angel guided meditation wherein she had to do certain things to contact her guardian angel for a gift. She received the mentioned gift, with the white spinning flower coming toward her and thrust into her chest/heart region, where thereafter she became a psychic... We all need to know to want the light, the light of love for all... Its unconditional love, helpful love, encouraging love, etc. So I am on this journey as well... And this is what helps me/us to get closer to the loving side of spirit, past all our fears and questions... Try this to formulate a better way to care for your/our bodies, to encourage longer loving lives.

1. Imagine there is a white pure source light of energy above your head, 300 feet into the sky, that beams down pure cleansing purging light into your crown/head, then flowing through your eyes/ears/nose/mouth/all your brain/neck/back/chest/arms coming out your palms/thru your belly/pelvis/hips/legs/knees/feet coming out of feet into the center of the earth, where this light is anchored to mother earth who is there to nurture you, protect you, keep you loved, warm & safe... Giving you a big hug. Then take this light back up through the earth through your feet into your heart where it is set to stay with you, breathe and feel the calmness over flow within your being, bring in love and fill your body with it.

2. Perhaps this should have been number 1, but either way it is helpful... Rid yourself of anything negative or attached to fear, this means painting your room a bright color, playing happy music, no longer watching fearful judgmental programs, just clearly removing fear from your life & plug in the love...

3. Plug in the love in all areas of your life, be that seed of encouragement infusing love into every situation, infuse it into your voice, be merciful at every turn, see that the person you are helping is really you... It is so easy when we follow this concept... No longer are we of painful thoughts, we are love.

4.Diet, yes we have to try our best daily to better it, with higher vibrational foods like salad, nuts, some fruits, plenty of filtered water... Just because the vegetation keeps our sugar intake down and keeps us from getting sick, train these bodies, train these thoughts.

5. Be of nature, love yourself & the energy the sun provides, the warm the air brings, the smells that are for free! Surround yourself with happy positive people, upbeat moods, who have a zest for life, participate in that zest, become that zest, too.

6. LOVE LIFE & trust the process.

7. All this is a way of teaching us to be non-judgmental human beings, who take care of our bodies, who help and love one another, and teach us to be of joy! That is a great start to a newer you, then watch your life transform, because the energy you bring about in the change will come back like a boomerang and help you, because you helped yourself/ourselves...

8. And if anything starts to irritate you, I use 'As you were, or as you are' say aloud to myself about that person, because they are entitled to live their life in peace away from judgment such as so are we...'As We Are'~ Love always

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-02)
I fear death by not achieving my goals. I'm not really afraid of death per say. Even though I'm an athiest everyday I wait what's on the other side to see if the afterlife exist.
greeneyedlady (1 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2014-10-04)
thank you for your post. I think sometimes many know to do this but a friendly reminder never hurts

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