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A Few Guidelines Given To Me By Wise Healers


This site is a nice way to share, receive and where to be open about spiritual experiences. I am a psychic and spiritual consultant in Scandinavia who has had teachings from many wise healers, old and younger. I would here like to share a few main points they all agree upon.

The ego is a blockage for third eye. This means that being too much entangled with own emotional swings or subjective thinking, objective reading becomes distorted.

Letting worry take over is not a good energy. Worry is best to be replaced with prayer. It is natural people worry when someone suffers or one does self. But worry as energy does not heal. As an example, problem in relationships can cause worry, which overbears a still mind. It is not easy to find peace of mind and concentration when in loss or mixed feelings. Then solitude or meditation can be one way to still the mind.

Transparent presence as one spirit (within the spiritual environment one is in) is a key to see things around and see them in their correct point. The spiritual world is always logical. Visions, spirits, beings, messages and even scents felt all have an exact message going to the direct point. So freedom of too much thinking of spirituality from angles dealing with emotions of the self, is one key to clear psychic reading. Naturally we are all human and times change, can even test our endurance. Loss can be in mind today, maybe joy tomorrow.

Other important teachings amongst many are:

- the value of knowing the human spirit is both physical and spiritual the same time

- being grounded in realism the same time as aiming for an open mind with no limitations

- knowing the nature of God and many symbolics God is presented in for peoples awareness

- learning to let go

- being able to love even feeling emotional pain for any reason

- knowing that the meaning of life is developing ones soul

Naturally spiritual teachings are numerous and full of variety, but here I would like to share to those who like to read this a few main points from wise healers.

With warm greetings, more good tips welcome,



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Silverstone (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-27)
I really like your points and agree with most. What do you mean by transparent presence though?

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