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Spirituality Is Feet Down To The Ground


It has been a while since I last wrote here and in my home city I work as a psychic. My healers ability has been so far to see true motives and roles of people present or past in certain situations. When asked, then I see. Additional to my own spiritual work, I also talk many times to other psychics and healers. That is my way to live.

Some while ago a known medium gave me a man's name to contact for good reasons. This I did. With time, this individual was proven to be untrustworthy. Since I got his name from a respected spiritual source, I gave him my full trust. He got in deep into my close circles. When his true nature came about, I naturally cleared the situation.

But for that having happened in general made me sad. I asked the medium why such emotional pain was given, since we all know what mistrust is before. She said it was to deepen trust with those others and myself, but to teach me to trust mostly my own intuition before any spiritual teacher.

This is a message I would today like to share. When we are spiritual, we are that as grounded humans in our human life.

We are developed spiritual, but physical beings with abilities in energy, our hearts vision and from our many reincarnations. We are like a complex spiritual instrument, which we rarely fully use - unless we develop our inner vision deep along our heart. The heart knows and it sees, can sense and is cautious to be aware by itself.

The media, any authority, any religious content as such or any other source than our true deep heart can never replace that.

Many times I feel deep pain in my heart from things I see of my time. Emotional violence, effects of format media, edited news serving power aims, people believing something that diminishes their true cores value. So many things going on. It is important to be empathic, but another learning is to let go. To trust the Greater, which is more than human can ever be as human. Trust your heart, your eye and your chosen god (s),if that is what your heart sees.

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