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Falling In Love Turns Energy Onto A One Path


For long, I was not dating. I felt the space next to me needed to be open to the one who soon would come near. I knew he was pisces and had one child, a boy. There was no hurry to meet him and other things proceeded along, I kept myself busy and many things challenged my life, so the energy was important to aim strongly for something else previous.

I am happy due to this man being in my life now, but I do feel, that my connections to the spiritual are not quite so deep as a year ago. The energy has swifted a bit into a one way road for him and the connection between us.

Still I do readings, but some and many relations situations or events have made my heart weary. Even psychics do see into people, still not do we or do I always understand them and their motives. This is due to the difference between people. Different cultures, lives, characters and paths behind. And emotional needs, which vary very much in-between, even will to connect in spirit is there.

Not so long ago, I read a book by a psychic, who recommended being single as a way to be strong as a psychic. Maybe being single means being free of concern, mistrust perhaps or fears? In the beginning of an important relationship, our fears can emerge from the deepest heart we have. Those fears of being hurt are sometimes irrational and almost childlike, have to do with our experiences and even weaknesses.

Whichever way, the more time passes, the more I feel all psychics (beginners or pro's) experience emotional pain and disappointments even in the most loving relations. Maybe this feeling comes from being having lived in an emotionally cold surrounding, which supports more the material aims, than of that of the spiritual heart and love.

Falling in love makes me feel both weak and strong. But what is weak and what is strong? The crown prince of Norway said about his wife, who was a commoner: with her, I can be as strong as I can be and as weak as I can be.

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