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Whisper And The Dead Will Hear You


The spiritual world presents holograms of new deeds soon to be done. First thoughts and the heart begin to think about certain issues. After some while comes the what I call psychic calling, the job to be done as a risen situation of some sort.

I have had thoughts about wanting to help the passed-on only for a couple of months. Here I have had from many of you good advice lately, which most are a good to be adapted also to other things. Nothing is one, all is connected in content, in materia, in spirit.

Two females came to my awareness few weeks back. Daily papers have so far been the instrument for my radar to notice the cases. I already use photos in my readings for people, whom I do not know.

Both passed-on females did not need my help, I saw, but they made me think, research about the issue of helping the dead pass on.

Only recently came a third case, a young man murdered. His stunned mode was so close. I felt the anxiety of his astral being strong. No voice he had, but I thought about him all the time. I felt there was not choice, but to assist him to cross. This I had not done before.

It has been good advice to not mess with the dead. I hope no psychic does that lightly. In reading, the man needed assistance in 9 days time. So I made the decision to move fast. The connection was hard effort. In this plane, there is not one person, no ego. There is a form of thinking with no words. Like levels of the spirit with no certain being. Deep respect is clear in this awareness state, where I went in my astral trip.

Words were only whispering to maintain this caring and honoring respect to the young man in full. When I finally had entered this plane where he was, still close to the ground, love with no recognizable emotions surrounded me. Now I saw the deeper meaning of group prayer, which supported the entering.

In universal love stillness, there seem to be NO certain individuals. More so like souls in required and reason-caused current spiritual state.

Words. They are such an important tool. They should be used like precious possession only. This was shown to me instantly in this plane, where the young man now was with his eyes wide and amazed with his situation. He expressed no reaction, when I arrived. I must be very very cautious, I felt in my heart. Only whisper the necessary, but say nothing unless it helps him, came to my heart immediately.

He was so alone. Still and so stiff still, that he would not move in any direction. No words he said and no guidance he had. He didn't ask me about anything. His was as if stunned with no emotions. I felt deep compassion for this soul, like he would be my son. With my eyes shut, tears were just rolling in a stream. I needed to hold on to the now opened connection, because I felt, that if I would give up before release, I would hurt myself even more the mans soul.

He was strongly in one point, even I tried to show him in the most loving way to go forward. No movement and so strong, like a statue. No expressions, no negative reactions either. I saw him about 2-3 meters from ground and not going anywhere. He was in another image somewhere else, not here and not sky.

I whispered with respect and deep love from my heart only three same sentences repeatetly, whispering. Have no fear. Go to the white light. You must go ahead now, it is the thing to do. He said nothing. I reached my hand to him, which he did not take, but he started to ease his anxiety. There in this astral connection I put on a long cloth, so that he would recognize I am there to protect him. We all know I am not an angel, but I needed to somehow make him trust me.

I gave him vision of sky and the white light in clouds. He pointed to infra red light on his right. I did not say no, since I felt there must never be any NO or any debate or even much conversation at this plane. Just very short simple whispering, which came from strong heart energy under. I begun to calmly visualize the white light for him to understand. This took strong will from me. Tears were running down and I held my eyes shut, felt like walking a wire.

After about 20 minutes, he got the point as calmly as I told it. It was time for me to leave him be now. With no words, I slowly begun to return. Stillness and weary back kept me lying down long after. Around was a feeling of gods peace. Now I felt I must start another session to thank in gratitude for being able to help and everything real in the space around me. I thanked for the beauty of objects, lovely flying birds seen from window, sunshine and skyline, the solitude that was possible and needed at that moment. I slept and not many dreams, deep sleep. The next morning my whole body was like after a long marathon, but no pain in muscles. My heart was light. My mind was still and still whispering.

What do I want to share with psychics? The ones who are beginners in helping the dead, use your voice, speech and messages well to the passed-on. Use words to build good with the living. Whisper to the ones who are alone. Connecting with the ones needing crossing over is the highest challenge for psychics. Even this went ok, I will not easily do this again. I feared that my mind could not stay stable, but the mind is ok. The body needs to be very fit and strong, mine isn't now.

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