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Are My Spirit Guides Talking To Me? I Hear Voices


This is my first time posting on this site so let me explain my back round a little. Last year from January-May (2016) I was on a downhill spiral dealing with depression. In June my boyfriend who I was long distance with (1.5 hrs) went on a Mexico trip with some of his high school friends and while he was there he read the book The Power of the Now which lead him onto a spiritual journey. He wanted me to join him and feel the happiness that he was constantly feeling. I too did major personal work, and in October (2016) we moved into together. It's been wonderful and we have grown so much spiritually together through meditation, living in the present moment, opening our chakras and going through ego death. Well for the past few months I've been hearing voices. It started in our old house, which I wasn't very happy or comfortable in. We were living with a roommate I didn't feel comfortable around and I didn't feel safe in the area we were in the lifestyle we were living in that house. It just felt dark and I constantly felt a negative energy. When I would hear the voices in that house, they were usually negative, but always relevant to what was going on in that moment which is why I started to think I was going crazy because they totally made sense! Sometimes it was negative comments about things I am insecure about myself. Sometimes it was just side comments about whatever was going on. We have now moved into a very light and happy apartment with our roommate that I did like! We've been here about a month. When we first moved the voices stopped and I thought it might be because I stopped smoking marijuana and that was usually when I heard the voices the strongest. About two weeks ago I started hearing the voices again. It's usually two voices that switch off. Sometimes it seems like they are having a conversation with each other about me, or sometimes saying things to me. I've been working on being more happy with my self image and loving my true beauty. When I go to put on makeup, I'll hear those voices make comments as I'm reaching for my makeup bag like " not the makeup again, you're so beautiful without it". I find it so strange especially because it doesn't sound like my own thoughts or even my voice. One of the voices is male. A few times I've mentally acknowledged that I can hear them or they will tell me to do something (not dangerous) but maybe they will tell me that my dog is hungry and I should feed her. Ill go to do it and sure enough my dogs bowl is empty so ill feed her. When I have acknowledged that I can hear them, or when I show physically that I can hear them, They've said before " She can hear us!" And they sound very happy and excited. Now I want to say that this doesn't feel negative (except when it was about me and while in my old house) and I am very sensitive to feeling energies. Also like I said when I do follow their recommendations it is never something harmful. It's always positive and good. Also to finish up, I have been reading a lot about reaching my psychic abilities because I feel that's something I've always been a little in touch with. I've smoked twice since living in my new place and when I high (not too high, just slightly) I feel that I can almost hear my boyfriends thoughts. The thoughts I hear him say are always about what's going on or what we are doing so its once again more believable that its actually happening! Usually when this happens and its only happened about three times with my boyfriend, I'll out loud make a comment about what his personal thought was. And when I keep doing it one thought after the other, Ill usually hear him think "Am I saying this out loud?" Its the weirdest thing. But I can't help but think that I in fact hear my spirit guides even when I'm not high and that when I am high I am able to hear or feel my boyfriends thoughts!

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The3eyedboy (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-30)
Hey, I am going through the same thing, the only difference is that I am dealing with ones that are trying to take control over me. They go on and on sometimes but I just ignore them or block them out. I'm happy that the ones you hear are positive but just try not to listen to them or do what they say. But it your case hear them.
AuntSunny (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-23)
I have had similar experiences as you in many ways. I actually talked to my guardian angel one night while high on herb. I've found that MDMA (especially ecstasy) is also useful in unlocking your abilities. I will, however, advise you to be careful when using drugs to help expand your mind because while you can talk to several entities this way, you can also attract bad ones. As for the hearing thoughts thing, that intrigues me. I've only been able to do it while under the influence of ecstasy but I wrote it off as being paranoid. Can you do this often? And how do you do it? I stumbled upon that ability by mistake, I was just zoning out while cooking and could hear what the people behind me were saying in their heads while at the same time hearing the different stuff they were saying out loud. It was trippy and I haven't been able to do it since.
Xarath (guest)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
Hello SarahMasters28,

I will not advocate Drug use, but I do admit that Marijuana, and few other drugs do have a short-term side-effect of boostings ones energetic abilities, but will not affect you any other way, negative, or positive.

Finally to the "juicy" information, a Spirit Guide can be any entity, Human, Demon, Angel, Ghaul, Trickster, anything. Some people do not have spirits guides, either because they were not chosen by one, or there guide or guides died.

It's very possible that the spirits could be your guides, as spirit guides do try to reach out to the one there guarding through any method required. While this has a high chance of being true, there are another two posibilities I would like to discuss, It could very well be a strong premonition ability, or a negative spirit. (Not evil, as that is a abstract or rather flexible term that changes depending on who you are.).

If you need help you can contact me at shanon.beck [at]
Tripox21 (31 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
Hello SarahMasters28!

First of all, drugs are not good to be on while dealing intentionally either intentionally or not, because you will at some point draw in negative spirits/entities that you would not want there, but that's if you are a regular user of the drug, it's the same with alcohol.

Now spirits are around, even when we don't know it or can feel it, it seems these spirits want to communicate and get your attention, getting touched around your scalp? Usually feels like a feather going through the hair:) touched on your feet, pressure on chest? These are their way of communicating or they can just use our inner voice to talk to us which you got first hand experience with, its not the drugs that makes you hear so don't worry, they can also use emotions that come out of nowhere and it will hit you and you will feel their feelings.

A spirit guide can be an angel, or a regular like us that comes and goes here on earth, you can see and feel the difference between them, when your angel want to tell you something you will hear like a loud sound in one of your ears, its similar to tinitus but its not tinitus, its their way of downloading info to you that you will understand in time.
If you see a flashy orb (its small like a pinhead) with colors such as white blue yellow red its a way of telling you something like ex a blue orb means "be strong, don't give in"
You can be hugged sometimes too;) have happened to me a couple of times, a spirit like us on the other side will talk to you by what I stated before, inner voice and touching on head or feet, chest, they can be felt aswell, temperature can drop in a certain spot and maybe with a colored smoky shape that can be seen.

I hope this helps:)
lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-29)
Dear SarahMasters28

For sure they are not your spirit guide!
Why simple, imagine that your spirt guide is a high rank spirit, he volunteer to be at your side and guide you trough this life in order you to reach your full potential in term of moral and kindness!
Do you believe he will say comments on your make up? For sure no!
Both spirits are frivolous spirits that want to play games with you just to have fun! You have to develop your mediunship into something more helpfull for other (incarnated or not). Marijuana definitely is not the way and will not help you develop your mediumship!
I recomend you to study all 5 books from Allan Kardec! Repeat study! You can free download in the internet.
You can also find a Spiritist Center near you pse check the nearest from you:

1648 West Broadway Street
Anaheim, CA 92802
Contact: Mariza Basabilbaso
(714) 633-7080
E-mail: mrayel [at]

1441 Westwood Blvd, Suite D
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Contact: Akemi Adams
(310) 775-0156
E-mail: blossomspiritist [at]
info [at]

3119 Penryn Road, Suite 230
Penryn, CA 95663
Contact: Tania Stewart
(916) 880-0701
E-mail: info [at]

Contact: Claudia Akin / Christopher Akin
(916) 741-2585
E-mail: sacvalleyspiritistsociety [at]

Mailing Address:
1310 Longfellow Circle
Roseville, CA 95747

642 Quarry Road, Suite C
San Carlos, CA 94070
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San Rafael, CA 94903
Contact: Marivone Souza
(707) 876-1930
E-mail: info [at]

muryfaith (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-18)
you may be clairaudient. I have had very similar experiences to yours
Mystique33 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-17)
[at] Drstee I'll have to actually disagree with you! Marijuana (without any additional substance) is a natural herb that can in fact intensify your senses and allow you to be able to get more intuned and focus within another realm. Unfortunately so many people have such a bad stigma on the herb when in fact it contributes to the physical health in human in so many different ways.

[at] SarahMaster28 I do believe those are your spirit/guides and communicating with you. Especially if they are your ancestors/relatives that have passed on. It actually makes them very excited to know that you hear them and acknowledge that they are there. I had a similar situation happen this past January when my sister passed away that I will share one day on here. I really enjoyed your story
Drstee (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-17)
Hi, reading your post in my opinion I think you need to see a Doctor, the event that surrounds the voices in your head and the way you explained it seems a lil bit creepy... Smoking Marijauna in most cases triggers acoustic Hallucination, wish might be what you experienced (the fact that the voices talk to each other sometimes, or make random comments)

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