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I Can Always Tell When Bad Will Happen


For some odd reason, the older I get, the more it happens. I can usually tell when something bad will happen. Not visions, but thoughts about the situation that will take place or just a gut feeling. For example, new years eve me and my best friend had just pulled up from getting off work. At my house I have a black lab that usually runs around in the yard and NEVER goes around the road. Well my friend went inside and we had some leftover sandwiches that I was going to throw out. Sam, my dog, loves food. So I threw the sandwiches across the road and suddenly realized that he would smell them and would go across the road to retrieve them. So I immediately got the gut feeling and thought to go pick up the food from across the road because I just knew drunk drivers would be out that night and I didn't want Sam to get hurt or killed. Luckily I got them before he knew I threw them over the road. I just had that gut feeling and thought. Then the next morning, I got up to feed Sam only to find his lifeless body in the road. I understand I should've had a fence but I had the feeling he was going to die. Not just that he would try to get any kind of food, just the feeling he was going to die by a car.

Then recently my friend was at my house and it was raining out. It was getting time for her to leave and I just had this slight feeling something just might happen. It wasn't as strong as my previous feeling or thought about my dog but I still had a feeling. I didn't mention anything. She left my house and about 5 minutes after her leaving the feeling got stronger. I had the immediate urge to check on her and make sure she was okay. About 10 minutes later she texted me back.

She said she was run off of the road by an 18 wheeler that didn't see her on its side. The truck had got over in her lane without seeing her. Luckily she was paying attention and got over to the shoulder of the road as soon as she noticed it coming in her lane.

I also have noticed I can read people's characters very well. I can feel their intentions and motives so to speak. I can feel if the person has a good or bad soul and I am 99.9% of the time usually right about them. Someone please tell me I'm not alone!?

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Confused_human (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-06)
You are not alone. I can see it until 70%. But the thing is I sometimes see it in my dreams. And I generally warn those people and they somehow escape from the bad coz they already know what's going to happen to them.
444 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-27)
Your what would be known as a "visualiser",
In the realm we have many people with different "powers" or "talents".
Your able to predict death, I know a few people who can also do that, it's nothing to worry it is a gift, you can see another's fate but your unable to change it. I would recommend having a salt bath and bathing your whole body init to purify yourself from negative energies. Hopefully you have more understanding of it now

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