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I lived in this house when I was 9 years old in the fourth grade and my sister and I would play with these dolls that we had, that we got for Christmas one year. After sometime I started to realize that after every time I would play with mine that night I would have the same bad dream I had on the other nights that I would play with this doll. The dream would be that I would be in that house, in our room, and that something would try to kill me. I would climb up our leader onto the top bunk and try to hide up there, under the covers he would them climb up on the ladder, look at me, and then I'd wake up. The dream always only took place in my room. In the dream I was never chased. Just scared and hiding on the top of our bunk bed. I only had this dream in this hosue. I never had it before or after we lived there, even when I would touch or play with my doll.

I actually stopped playing with it and I even stopped touching it when I realized this (as in if it fell over or if things needed to be moved around I never wanted to touch it.) I know it had to do with the house being haunted and not the doll itself (I still have it, actually.) I never told anyone about this until a few years later when I told my mom and sister about this and my sister said that the same thing would happen to her and that's why she stopped playing with hers too.

I made sure to write this part a.s.a.p~February 18th, 2016 my mom told me that a baby had died in our bedroom in that house.

The house was creepy as hell. For the year or almost a year that we lived there this is some of the stuff that happened.

Other things that would happen in that house

1. Those dreams I wrote about above.

2. Sounds of toilets flushing on their own. This might've just been the toilets/plumbing/piping since I know I would hear the toilet flushing but never actually saw the handle on it move.

3. I Never felt alone in that house even when I was home alone. Especially up stairs- my mom and dads room was the worst,

4. The laundry room door would always open by itself.

5. My mom, brother, sister, and I just got home from somewhere, everyone was downstairs and they heard glass break from upstairs and then footsteps running across the floor up there. My uncle came by, checked it out. Nothing was broken, no one was up there. All the windows were perfectly fine & closed with screens still on.

6. Our grandma was in our dining room, which was right in front of the stairs and she asked us who was up there. No one was, we were all down stairs. She was like I thought I just saw someone up there.

7. Mom started to have panic attacks there which she never had before and went to the hospital for it. The samething happened to her mom one night when she was watching us, but I don't think she went to the hospital for it.

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