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My Dreaming Message


The Summer of 2013 or 2014

I had a dream that someone was chasing me. I think I felt afraid. In the dream I can remember running to the bathroom and I remember thinking this is a dream and then I realized that it was a dream. So kept thinking wake up, wake up, wake up and a few seconds later I was able to wake myself up.

October or November 2013

I dreamed that me and my sister were at a hotel that we had stayed at before. We were laying on the bed with a baby girl between us (her baby). The next day, after I woke up I went to cvs with her and my mom to pick something up. My sister was sick in the car and felt like she was going to throw up. I knew right away that she was pregnant because if the dream that I had the night before.

A night or two later I had another baby dream, except this time it was about my friend and she had baby boy in the the dream. After that I dint have another dream like this. I know it was because I had figured out who was pregnant early on.

July 3rd, 2014

I dreamt that me and my two cousins were swimming in some dirty water. It wasn't muddy water (I think it was green with a little bit if mud.) the water was deep by a doc but no later or anything to hold onto. My older cousin had left me & my younger cousin behind for some reason. The waves kept pushing me & my cousin under. I had to hold her up, we had no life vests or anything to hold on to. The water and mud kept going into my cousins mouth because if the waves and they were pushing her under.

Then finally her mom showed up again (the older cousin) I think? & my mom was in the dream at the very end.

I woke up the next morning, we left to go back home. My mom got pulled over and the police wouldn't let us leave because she didn't have the things she needed. So someone had to cone get us and take us back to the cabin.

I didn't think that this had anything to do with my dream the night before so I decided to wait a week or two afterwards for another dream like this before I thought anything serious of it. I never had it again.

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