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August 18, 2015 At 1:42 Am


I was just on my iPad (I think) and just sitting on my bed when I had this bad feeling in my gut. Which I get sometimes when something bad happens to me or someone I know. I had this bad feeling for about Half an hour and it just would not go away. I did not know who it was about or what, but I had thought it was even my dad, sister, or brother, but it was not any of them. At first I was like ehh it'll go away Ina few minutes like it usually does when it my own doing when I think about certain things (these are the times I know it's not serious)

So the next day my mom gets off the phone with her sister, and she tells us what my aunt said. And I know this is where the bad feeling came from-

My aunt lives in the south west and she was staying the night at her boyfriends house, she got up to go to the bathroom, and this man/spirit? That looked like I think she said Joseph from the bible, but she knew it was not him because it smelled like shiat and she felt like she could not breathe, and the eyes were red. Right when my mom told me this I'm like what time did this happen because last night around one I got this bad feeling... I forgot what time my mom said it happened at, but all I know is that it was not at the same time I got the bad feeling. There is a two hour time difference between us, but that doesn't count since this more like a 3 hour time difference.

Then I guess her boyfriend came into the hallway and saw this thing dart down the hall or back into the bathroom and he was even freaked out and he does not believe in this kind of stuff.

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