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Does Anyone Else Have My Psychic Medium Abilities?


Within this school year I've noticed that any time I walk into a room I would feel this strange presence of a invisible stranger. This happened mainly when I was alone or with only a few people then I realized these were energies and so I embraced these abilities with open arms and now lately I have been a empath but can shut it off with ease.

Then one day at school my friend brought a bag of natural rocks and I picked up one and it felt like it was vibrating and my friend who knows I'm a psychic medium was like keep it and see what happens. So I took it home and had a vision of me kissing a boy in my reconizable schools theatre room so then I borrowed her rocks and now have visions with the rocks and some other objects.

Now the telepathy with my gardian angel (Allden) I asked for his name several times and he kept giving me a name with a A and that's all I got until I did automatic writing and he told me Allden he's always around and has saved my life once before when I was little I feel off the stairs on my toy tractor and never touched a step also I was watching the oj Simpson special and just happened to connect with ojs wife and I felt her in the room and quietly said he beat me then later talked about her abuse from oj and then I heard her say he killed me.

Just yesterday my uncle got remarried, after my aunt died from a rare for of cancer and she was there with me and my uncle did a speech talking about how he felt about her and how he is happy that he ever found her and I could feel her sadness and had to shut of my emaph ability so I wouldn't cry.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-21)
Dear AJT,

The feeling of other presences usually comes as the first step to increased awareness of the spiritual realm. The reason why you're feeling the presences more often when you're alone or with a small group of people is because the energies of both spiritual and physical beings intertwine with each other and they mix. It's harder to feel a single being out of the crowd of energies around. You must have noticed earlier that when people get angry or sad the atmosphere is changing to heavy. It's because with every emotion and action we perform, the certain type of energy is being let out. Negative energies with negative emotions and positive energies with positive emotions. I'm happy to know that you are learning how not to be susceptible to the energies and emotions around.

Have faith and stay on the path to constant improvements,

fleurdemiel (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-20)
My mother in law also has a guardian that has helped her in her daily life.

My friend often has these energy connections with objects.

As for myself, I often feel people's energy pretty intensely. I sometimes find myself drawn towards random people, ancestors, those on t.v., strangers, etc. I do feel I have an empathic connection as well.

For me, most of my enlightenment/psychic abilities come in the form of dreams... Very small, minute things, or thoughts that come, seemingly, out of nowhere.

I'm trying to learn about them in a safe way without letting any darkness in. ❤
Nchristensen (1 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-19)
Take a look at my story. I'm not as advanced as you but I'm also trying to figure things out.

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