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I have always known what people are thinking of, I get a headache once a persons thoughts flash into mind. This usually depends on the clarity of thought making the headache much worse. When I ask them, they're often true. But at times I do not dare ask. This only makes me look weird. Once, I came to school I heard my friends thoughts in her voice in my head and I got dizzy to the point of fainting. This happened on my 13th birthday and this was the first time I ever had this experience. The thoughts were so clear that I started researching about this. But all I found were a couple of stories. So I gave up because I thought I was hallucinating. So I never had clear thoughts from people again, but headaches and the ability to predict and see the person who was walking in stayed with me.

9 years later, last week. I had a similar experience. Only now it is happening everyday. When I researched again, I found this website. On the day, this started all over again, there was an instance in my university where I was just sitting in class and the lights suddenly turned off and a black figure emerged from the floor and stood right in front of the instructor. It looked as though it was coming my way and so I screamed. The minute I screamed, the lights turned back on and everyone was staring at me as if nothing happened. When I asked, they said the light never switched off. But I didn't ask about the figure.

Even if this is a hallucination, I'm starting to believe that this is a psychic power getting stronger by the minute and is more than what I can handle.

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-22)
Okay, here is what to do. Whenever you have an experience about something like that (in classroom, lights turn off...) try to close your eyes and quickly think of something else. If you don't want to hear other people's thoughts, distract yourself, it may help.

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