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An Evil Foreshadowing A Negative Future Event


While I was sleeping I saw an entity in my room.

This entity was just evil, had a dark energy and everything about it was negative and bad.

In my bedroom, there was a furniture located opposite my bed and against the wall. That entity was sitting in the right corner of the wall on a cabinet. I can't say if the word 'sitting' is the right word because this being had very, but very short, it's possible that it's standing looks like sitting, with it's knees a bit bent. He was small, maybe it's whole body with knees bend was not more than half a meter long. It's legs and arms had animal claws. It's face was not human, but it didn't look like animal also... It was more like a distorted humanoid face. And it had horns.

It was watching me for a short period and then I noticed it held something in it's hand. It threw this item on the floor, in front of my bed. I don't know what that item exactly was, it sounded like throwing a stone on the floor.

In that moment I woke up and started screaming very loud, my screaming woke up people in the house. My behavior was strange even to me because I don't usually react that way.

Few days later I learned that I was sick and I had to undergo some operation, which was harmless. In the end, everything was ok with that.

Several years later I came across (saw on the internet) a book called "Codex Gigas" or "Devil's Bible" and there was a picture of a devil. It looked very similar to the entity I saw in my room that night. The creature in the book wears diaper, that's the only thing I can't recall if that evil entity in my room worn.

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LadyBelle (guest)
6 years ago (2017-11-25)
carriwill: Thank you for your post. How do you personally cope with such things?
carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-24)
How horrible try to pray out loud. I see thing too and I get scared I know how you feel.

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