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Unknown Entities Touching My Belly - Vision Of A Little Girl


This story happened one night in my sleep. Actually, what I do recall happened when I started to wake up.

I was sleeping on my back, which is not so usual for me. Anyway, as I started to wake up for some reason, I felt fingers touching my belly. I don't know how many fingers were there, but I got the impression that there were more entities in my bedroom. I could feel those hollows that appear when you press the skin, and even though my eyes were closed, I could see this happening - not on myself, but like I had a TV in front of myself and could see my belly and long, grey or dark fingers. Longer than average human fingers. I just couldn't see or hear anything else regarding those entities but rather feel them, everything else was in dark. They were touching my belly slowly and with caution, like they were checking something out or they just wanted to see something. I wasn't afraid at all, I was more curious.

Everything happened very fast. In the moment I experienced what I've written above, I had a vision of a little girl. This vision was there in front of me like on a big plasma display panel. The colors were very lively.

The girl was 4-7 years old. She had long, brown, curly hair and she was wearing white dress. She was beautiful, happy and smiling. She was running and playing on a some kind of a field or a meadow, covered with grass and flowers. It was a nice, sunny day. Could have been spring.

I felt connected to her.

And, then, everything stopped. I guess I fall asleep back again.

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