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Getting Visions After Visions


I'm now 25 and still asking myself questions.

I remember things from the past that where so vivid in my memory but so blurry at the same time.

I will always remember my first dreams when I was a just toddler, however, I also got somehow of a capacity of seeing the future. Vague and brief pictures. I used to have dreams that seemed insignificant and turned out to become real. It would be very simple like moving out to another apartment or dreaming of a huge onion and waking up hungry, opening the fridge and finding a, you guessed it: a huge onion.

I've always been very sensitive to my dreams and took notes about them.

Then, growing up, my premonition dreams became even more confusing, lucid and repetitive.

Sometimes I think of something and it happens in some way. I also started to develop ''visions'' at the age of 17 in 2010. Yes, a bit like ''That's so raven''!

One day I was thinking of something really out of nowhere, I was imagining myself entering a house where there was a celebration a bit like a baby shower. I then, learn that one of my friend is pregnant and she invites me to her baby shower. Another day, well I didn't know how much months of pregnancy she was in... She invites me to hang out with her on February 10, 2012 and I was scared she would break her water, I had a dream a few days ago of her and I saw a little girl pushing her stomach gently. She actually gave birth to her son on this date.

At the age of 16 after finishing my fourth year of secondary school I started to dream about getting history exams and french exams for 1 week or two and I got a phone call telling me I had to take History and french summer classes.

But one day something really changed my life! It happened in 2010 in my French courses. It was about 2:20 pm. I've had my first vision. I was sitting in class, not listening to the teacher at all. Haha! And just like that even if my eyes were open I saw a scene of the future. It was mobile but there was no sound. It' as if you dream with your eyes open but what you see is not what is happening right now. It goes like this: ''So I see a guy I knew but wasn't in our class, he was wearing a sweater I never saw before. He had pink and yellow papers in his hand and he was waiting at the entrance of the door. The teacher was talking, until she gets interrupted because someone saw him. He proceeds to tell her something and makes his way into the class finding himself a desk. While he walked a guy tried to talk to him but did not succeed.'' It ends there and I ''wake up''. 20 minutes later I turn my head and I see that same event...! I felt something pushing through my chest! I was shocked.

One day in the year of 2010, I was bored and started writing a story of me moving into a new apartment. In my little narrative, I was meeting a new neighbor that would help me move in and eventually fall in love with him, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, when I described his physical appearence, I pictured him in quite a precise way.

One year later, I've had a vision where I was in a leaving room, moving in. I turned my head to the right and saw two boys sitting on a sofa but I wasn't too sure if they were my brothers. I then look foward and see a perfect stranger! A guy who looked in his mid to late twenties, moving some furnitures. He wore a green henley top. He was face down, I could only see a bit of his chin, jawline and his blond hair covering up the rest of his face. Next time, I get another vision of him. He was still wearing his green top but I saw his face for the first time! He was extremely handsome and exactly like I imagined the guy in my story. So after geting about 20 visions of him, I got that he isn't just a stranger but my husband... Future husband.

At the same time I started dreaming about him. Instead of just seeing him, he would visit me. It was very different from my regular dreams. It was like something I received and not just a normal dream. He already knew me but I had to know him through my dreams. First time he appeared in my oniric world, I said '' It's him, it's really him.'' So according to these dreams I will meet him as my neighbor. He lives near me (well duh). And I started getting repetitive dreams of me walking in a street that feels very familiar, I know my way, I know where I should head toward and it leads me to an apartment bloc that is black and red, I know that it is my ''home and his home''. I kept searching if these apartment complex exist and one day on kijiji I saw an ad for a ''4 rooms'' and it was the same one I was dreaming about, the same black and red patern on the outside too. It's located in a city nearby. Lately, I was with someone in a car and we were there and I also saw a street that was very similar to one I saw in my dreams. Only strange thing, I've never been there before!

I still haven't met him, yet. I know I was right about that apartment and district. I kept searching for answers but never found them with this method it only comes to me by surprise. So I think I have to wait and not be too curious of finding him, but let time decide for when we will meet by surprise.

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