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What Is Happening? Never Experienced Anything Like This!


Let me give you some background on myself. Often times when I meet people who will have an important impact on my life I have premonitions of what our relationship will be. I can see feuds, how relationships end, friendships, anything significant. I get these premonitions within minutes of meeting someone for the first time. I feel I'm tapping into their energy. As well as being able to read energy of people I meet my whole life I have been able to feel spirit energy around me. I've had many times where I walk into someplace where a spirit is present and can instantly tell you if the presence is male, female, or other. I can feel if it's someone I knew in life. I can pick up very easily the emotions of the spirit and usually how they passed. It feels just like someone flesh and blood is standing close to me. The information I get from their energy if I look into it is usually correct. I have learned to trust my feelings over time since they are almost always accurate.

Now, here is the problem I am currently facing. Years back I met someone and had the strongest connection that I've ever felt to date. It was so strong it almost felt like a soul connection, more than just tapping into someone's energy. Very hard to explain because this is the only time I've had this intense feeling when meeting someone. I knew instantly we would have a relationship that ended in a very intense heartbreak. To speed the story up I was correct. After years of ups and downs the relationship ended in a very intense heartbreak. The relationship was always full of very strong emotion and very strong passion but I chose to leave and unfortunately my partner suffered an extreme heartbreak. It all was quite messy. We did maintained a friendship although he wanted to restart our relationship, so we saw each other often. It seemed out of the blue his energy completely changed. Overnight his energy went from a very comforting positive energy to a dark almost sinister energy. He seemed to completely change overnight (literally) and it was scary. We met up to see each other like any other time but this time I felt very uncomfortable, almost as if I was in danger the entire time. I would have trusted him with my life, so this sudden fear of him and feeling of danger was confusing. His personality was completely different, his likes and dislikes were different, his mannerisms and vocabulary was different. I did not feel I was sitting across from the same person I had been so connected with for years. This felt like a sick, twisted, disturbed stranger. There was a disconnect and it appeared he was detached. I did not make any attempt to see him again since I felt I was in danger. Something was not right.

A few weeks later others who were close with him confirmed my feeling that something was very, very different. Without me giving them any knowledge of how I felt they began to tell me they were worried. He became suicidal, would not speak to many people, out of nowhere was taking every drug he could get a hand on (he never used drugs before, in fact prior he was completely against them), and many believed there was serious psychological problems at hand or possibly mental illness. I did not believe this was mental illness. His energy was that of a completely different person.

A short time after I forgot about it. It wasn't until a few months later I felt his energy around me. The positive energy I once knew. Not his new negative energy. It was the "old" him so to speak. But the energy felt very sad, confused, and trapped. I was not sure what I was picking up on. This felt very similar to when I read spirit energy of someone around me who has passed on. But my ex is very much alive. Very confusing. I brushed it off because I couldn't make sense of it. Here is where things become VERY strange. The next week anywhere I went I heard or saw his name, people began to bring him up to me almost daily out of the blue for no particular reason. Two items he had purchased for me years prior which I believed to had lost showed up in the middle of my floor out of what seemed to be thin air. Now I was getting uncomfortable.

Things settled and a year passed without any strange instances. Then one night I was at home watching television and was hit like a ton of bricks by feeling his energy around me and also his scent. Again, this felt the same as when a spirit is around me. The same emotions came from this energy sadness, confusion, a sensation of being trapped. But then I was hit with a terrible premonition. I never have "visions" really, this was new to me. It was as if I was watching a movie in my mind. I was watching him move about seemingly tormented by something. It was a wave of this terrible negative energy I felt when I was around him during our last outing. I felt an urgency of danger. A deeply disturbed energy. It was everything bad you could feel wrapped into one person. Torment, pain, sickness, a complete darkness. I was very confused and unsettled. More time went by after this with no new episodes.

Last year it began to start up again. For no reason people were mentioning him to me in conversation frequently, and his name was appearing everywhere to me. I felt something was trying to get my attention so I reached out to him after years of not speaking. When we spoke everything seemed as if it was alright. I was not getting the bad feelings, I was not picking up anything negative. We seemed to be getting along fairly well. I was glad things seemed "normal". But again things took a drastic nose dive. A complete turn around over night again. The bad energy was back. Hatred, anger, all the negative feelings were back. Friends became concerned again that he was back to acting strange. He was isolating himself again. He was acting very out of character. Out of the blue he seemed to despise me. I immediately backed away from him and the situation. I thought contacting him was a mistake. Another year passed and I hadn't thought about these instances really at all. Until this past week, it's back. And very strong.

I was out having dinner and was hit like a ton of bricks by what felt to be his energy. Probably the strongest I've ever felt it. I could physically feel him walk into the restaurant. I looked to see if he had actually walked in since this was an incredibly strong feeling of his energy. He was not there but I felt him at the entrance and could mentally see him walking in. The same way I can sometimes mentally see spirits. To make things more eerie the person I was having dinner with looked up from their food, looked to the front door of the restaurant and said "how weird would it be if *his name* walked in right now." I was floored. We hadn't spoken about him in a very long time, and their comment was extremely out of nowhere. I felt the hair on my arms stand up and the energy lingered for a moment then was gone. Although I was very unsettled I tried to brush it off. Two days afterwards I was at a friends house. I believe we were talking about plans we had coming up when out of nowhere they said "you know who I had a dream about last night? *his name*. I forgot about him I don't know why he was in my dream." Now I'm very uncomfortable. Since then six different people have mentioned him to me and I'm back to seeing and hearing his name daily. I'm having moments of feeling his energy. I have never been more confused in my entire life. I feel as though I am being haunted by someone who is still alive!

Can someone please give me some insight as to what this could be?! There's many aspects of this I've never encountered. The instant extreme "soul" connection. His personality/energy change overnight. The feeling of a spirit or someone's energy around me but this person is alive. The way these episodes come in waves. I'm very confused and a little frightened since I've felt the feeling of urgent danger and extremely dark energy associated with him in the past. I've long since moved on from this individual and would like to understand why I'm feeling haunted by someone who is still living. I want to carry on with my life without these scary episodes. It makes me feel like there's some sort of omen. Please help if you have any idea what is happening!

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Annie16 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-05)
Hi Bellamoon11
I had to register on this site to reply. My gut instinct tells me that this person is possessed/displaced and his true self is begging for help. The reason he has chosen you is that all people that have gifts are a light to spirits. I'm not sure how or if you can help, but, you need to try. Or find someone that can help him.
Bellamoon11 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-28)
Loroxy: I thought that myself actually. Although I avoid any contact with this person I'm unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. It doesn't seem to be a stalker situation, but I don't know what he does in his free time. My intuition has me believing there's more to him than meets the eye. Possibly that he could be stalking or anything of the nature. I don't pick up on someone's energy so strongly without reason. That very well could be the case.
Loroxy (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-28)
Just a thought, is there anyway he could be in anyway stalking you? Since you feel people energy's... He may be closer than you think? Again throwing initial thought, going to the-read Your post...hmmm. Got me thinking 🤔
Bellamoon11 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-25)
carriwill: Wow that's intense. It's a bit troubling for me reading everyone I encounter. I've found it makes connecting with people and making new friends difficult for me. I can tell somebody is a jerk or a liar and never want to associate with them ever again. It's not often that I read people and find that they're a good match for me to befriend. 😟
carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-25)
wow that incredible. I have reading with first encounters. I get reading real fast. I have a spirit follow me back off a person before.

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