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Not Sure What I Experienced


My daughter was at a friend's house getting ready for a school dance and had called me to drop off money for pictures. I told her upon arrival to come outside to get it. When we got there she asked out the window for me to bring it up to her. I was invited in and told where the steps upstairs was located. This is when whatever it is happened. I'm on the stairway looking towards a room. There's a man standing there looking at me as he's beating on his wife. He's dressed in dressy black clothes. The woman then looks at me as she runs from that room in tears to a room just around the corner. The man still staring at me with evil in his eyes. I could feel fear in my body. Within minutes my daughter is yelling at me, saying my name and asking what is wrong. I stood motionless with tears running down my face. I said I have to go outside. I rushed outside to the truck unsure what had just happened. I tried to tell them something was in that house. They said no one ever had anything like that happen to them. She wanted to know how I knew what the upstairs looked like when I guess I never left the third step to be able to see. I tried to explain I did make it to the top. Everything I saw was so real. I went back after I had time to think to see if I could see again what I had seen. Again I could feel fear built up in me as I got to the staircase. I was unable to do it. Not sure if it was my own fear that stopped me or that of what's there. I have been places where it feels as though something or someone is staring at me but never have I seen and felt like I did this day.

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-15)
Mzmobb, could you explain more? A little more detail and a little more clear.
Mzmobb (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-13)
My friend od on heroin in Sept. Today as I was in the house we all lived in. I felt I should honor my friend by doing what she did best. Cleaning the bathroom. I'm alone in the house. The best thing I know The room sheer stayed in was cleaned and some of her things put back in there. I vaugely remember talking to her. I do remember going directly to her personal items in another room. It was wierd. My friend got texts from me I have no recollection of sending. Or proof that they was. She's loud at times like I can't hear her. She's confused. Sheer don't understand why I'm the only person she seems to be able to make contact through. She doesn't seem to know what happened to her. She says that I was raped and strangled to death. I was dead for 2 hrs. Then gasped for air. Shes scared. She fades in and out. She said she.
Always ends up back to me. We really wasn't that close. She feels like I might have something to do with her death. What's going on with me
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-04)
I don't know what the ability is called but, I've heard about it. I mean your description matches it. Maybe you have the ability to receive past information of objects or houses or places by touching them or by being there in the place. And maybe the fear is partially yours and partially of whatever is in there? The vision might be the cause of your fear. Has it ever happened before?

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