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Reiki Session Not Sure What Happen


Let me first start off by saying I am a certified Reiki Healer level 2. I have been practicing Reiki for 6 months and have had some strange expeiriences.

Recently, I made a new friend who is spiritual like me in the sense we believe in similar things about the spiritual world. I went over to his house where his girlfriend and friend lived. My new friend is also a Reiki healer like me, just he is level 1. We first gave a Reiki session to his girlfriend and then his friend. His friend is a devil worshiper and had a demon attached to him, so we figured we could give him some healing. I did my normal steps to prepare for the session. As I was over his Heart chakra my body started to shake uncontrollably like his heart didn't want to take the Reiki. I proceded to go to his arm to send Reiki to his heart another way.

When we were done giving his friend a Reiki session I began to cleanse the room my putting my symbols in every corner in the room we did Reiki. As I was near their front door I saw a mucky yellowish circle thing on the door (I believe it was a demon and it kept on pushing my symbols away) before I put the symbols into the corner I pushed the symbols to the thing that was on the door and it vanished when I did it. We stayed up the whole night talking until the sun came up. I went outside to watch the sun rise because I felt somewhat drained from being up all night. When I came back I tried to sleep, which I maybe did for an hour or so until I heard a loud sound that woke me back up. When I awoke I was feeling Ill, My throat was congested and my nose full of mucus.

Could there be a correlation between this "demon" and me feeling sick?

Later that day when I arrived home I sat up looking up Spiritual guides I could call on. In my head I thought of the name Quan Yin and so I researched her for a little when I was then interupted by a random phone call, the person said hello then hung up. The area code of this person phone seemed like it was for me, it was 855 and in numerolgy term it was talking a lot about the things Quan Yin was all about. Basically saying this is the 11th hour for me and a huge change is about to happen and it could be either good or bad.

Thoughts on all of this?

Thank you for reading,


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keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-07)
From my experience, sometimes direct energy healing to a chakra can cause distress for the person receiving the healing or the healer themselves.

I don't necessarily think it was that demon thing that caused you to be drained, but rather maybe you used more energy than your used to? Energy healing can be draining if the receiver's energy is being stubborn/resistant to the healing taking place.

Negative entities are stubborn when it comes to being cleansed so that could be another factor to why you fell ill. Some are just more vocal about it than others ahahaha.

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