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I Went Through Judgement All In One Night Awake


This experience happened to me a few nights ago. I was coming back from a new moon guided meditation with 30 other people instructed by my new spiritual medium life coach. Some of us sat in chairs while others were on the floor. As we were guided in the meditation we were told to visualize a field (I imagined a grass field with a small pond with flowers and birds chirping) she then directed us to look for a light on a path and follow towards it feeling the love and pull towards the light. As I stepped into the light as directed she told us that it will show us our true nature of what we want in life and that in the next 4 weeks to believe in what we truly want and it will happen. At first I was in an apartment with a wife and kids (I currently am single and 21 years old) then it changed. I was in the woods near a beautiful waterfall creating a small fire to warm myself up. My dog name Tripp sat next to me as I petted her with love. Afterwords my pup and I were in a canoe silently enjoying the water and drifting across the smooth clear water and my dog was looking at the water with curiosity. When the teacher told us to leave the light and come back to the field I then saw that it changed. The pond was now a lake with fish jumping around a small row boat. It was an incredible experience for me.

Before we started the meditation I started to twitch and shake a bit (which I learned from my life coach that I was just feeling all the energy through the room going through me) and during the meditation It went away and I felt peaceful and at rest.

When I met my life coach I was nervous, but anxious to learn what my abilities are because I kind of felt like I could hear spirits outside my head (I thought I was a schizo). She told me that I was more than a medium with more abilities and incredibly powerful. She wouldn't tell me what these other abilities are.

Anyways, After the meditation when I came home and went to my bed a lot of stuff happened to me and I don't know if others have experienced this as well. I was laying in bed when all of the sudden I was shaking, my bed was shaking and so was half my room. Everything was vibrating. I was getting visions of myself using my abilities for gambling privileges (cheating) and I was to decide to cheat or not to cheat. I did not cheat. After that I expedience different tests and tasks in my visions and thought process while I was feeling my vibrations. I even felt each chakra heat up and then flow through my spine like they were all opening up. I even started to cry during all this for no reason. This kept me up all night and ended up not sleeping, so this was a very long experience, I even thought I was about to have an OBE a few times. After all this happened I went on my phone to my phone to search what this was, and before I could type anything a tab opened up listing everything that was happening to me on some site. It even included why this was happening and what I should do and that I am also a white lighter.

I now can hear my spirit guide clearly talk to me and have control when it is okay for spirits to communicate to me. It was an exciting experience for me and I wanted to know if anyone has gone through this or know what this is?

I can hear spirits, sense them and I can do automatic writing and sometimes see auras and know what others are thinking. And last night I had a dream I was in heaven... My spiritual life coach still hasn't told me about my other abilities and I would like to learn more. Is there anyone that knows anything about this that can help me?

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lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-15)
Dear lzphillips
First, you are a medium! Everybody is a medium! Why? Because everybody has more or less perceptions/senses, some people has much more ostensive "abilities" than others do.
Don't fell special, mediumship is not a privilege, is more a demerit instead, it is an additional tool to pay "debts" or make reparations from your past mistakes, from past means this or other lifes.
Today you are the results from all your past life's, still with some things to fix or improve!
Mediunship is a sort of extra point to help your grade improve to be promote for next grade in the school of life.
Spiritual things are not empiric, I suggest you to study 2 books:
The Spirits' Book and The Mediuns' Book both by Allan Kardec
Good study!

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