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Attacked By A Cosed


This story happened about 2002.

My partner and I were experimenting with a new design of "Ouija Board" as some would call it.

In fact, I call it a "Spell Board".

We were trying to contact a specific group of gods and trans-plutonian deities, which for the most part dwell outside our normal realm of Angels and Demons.

I made a prototype spell board using a piece of paper (and other materials) which improved the efficiency of the board quite a bit.

The board in itself was nothing special to look at, but it certainly did work.

In the process of its use over about 6 months we had a number of long meetings with various groups of spirits (of the above groups) which in time built a strong charge up in the board.

This built up charge, is known to the spirits as a COSED, or COmplimentary SEDitary. It's very much like a Thought-form which in time takes on a life of its own.

Anyway, my female partner and I were discussing one summer evening over a cool drink about using the board again for another session.

I mentioned to her about making a new and better board with a few changes to the prototype.

I said to her about disposing of the old board and making a fresh new design with new materials.

It was then she happened to mention to me about burning the sheet of paper which was the basis for the board and creating another.

As she mentioned to me about burning the old piece of paper, she got a strong stabbing pain in her left shoulder as if a knife went through her.

She immediately said that if we burn the board, it will attack us and it does not want to be destroyed.

As a result out of respect for it, we have never destroyed the board, but simply left it stored in a box to be used at a later time.



Around that same time, we also made contact with the Elder god Enki - and asked him for a sign of his presence being around us.

[ Mind you we used the above spellboard in the bedroom quite a bit.]

It was then, I noted two pictures on the wall in our bedroom started to melt as if the colours were running like liquid paint. I did not feel any strange difference in my own being, but my partner started to have the same visual experience when she looked at the paintings. This experience went on for a good 10 minutes or more.

[ These paintings were prints only and one was of a semi-naked Spanish woman. In time I noted the picture of the woman starting to jump out of the frame and appear as if she was projecting towards me for a few seconds. (- which could be just a male thing - Lol.) ]

I believe these pictures started to hold a charge - a living COSED - within their form.

The old stories of haunted houses with paintings that have eyes that move could well be the same type of energy and event.

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Sadhbh (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-16)
Thank you for sharing your story. Those boards have always scared me. Http://
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-15)
Dear Kimbal
Imagine that you are in your computer send at random emails for everybody that you do not know, asking those questions you told in your report. Who do you think will reply to you? Intelligent people or people that do not have anything better to do and just want to mess around with you. Do not expect that some spirit of high rank will answer to you! I strongly suggest you to stop immediately what are you doing since you do not have meaningful purpose.
Spirits surround us, they follow us, they influence our lifes more than you can imagine! If you have high principals, you are good people that help others, for sure, you are surrounded by good spirits that has the same principles and motivation you have. The opposite is valid too, in case you are selfish, playful etc, those spirits will be following you.
I suggest you to study more about at The Spirits' Book from Allan Kardec.
Good study!
MysteryTemplar (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-13)
It sound as if to me something has made a connection to the board and if you burn it it will do anything to keep that connection.
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