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Psychic Attacked For Months


Started with getting these paranoid thoughts/negative ones. Didn't know what was going on and thought they were mine for a bit, after awhile realized that all the negative thoughts were not mine. Then the thoughts begin to talk to me, argue with me, bring up past experiences and mocking them. Started getting I believe its call clairvoyant images. Would be walking and would see a dark figure women behind me to torment me. Would try sleeping and would see demons coming through the doorway. When I did sleep it was extreme graphic dreams and would wake up feeling unrested. After all that now I begin to feel ill every day, like there's a dark cloud following me around. My thinking is impaired/ my motivation. Feel drained everyday now, don't want to do anything and feel extremely down. After that, I start getting hit with energy attacks, aches and pains in my body with the attacker telling me its cancer ect. Energy attacks come with fake anxiety and fake worrying thoughts they all tack on at once. The attacker has made it clear its not leaving for a long time. Tells me she been spying on my thoughts and my life for a while. I have tried meditation/contacting someone to help out and am still left with this attacker. At first the attacker would tell me to do certain things and it would go away, never fell for it but is still promising good will come from this. It's a once in a lifetime experience etc. Even had people in my city harassing me at the start while this was going on. I have also been told I'm a psychic, although I have never practiced anything until this came up. Appreciate if anyone can give advice/share experiences its a very annoying situation.

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angel10023 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-06-11)
Listen to me, I am possessed by demons after an evil psychic I went to did black magic on me. It's a long story, but I have been through EVERYTHING you are describing. I made SO many mistakes and ended up possessed, my life and soul completely destroyed. You have no idea how bad this can get if you don't follow my advice. You need to call on Arch Angel Michael in faith knowing with everything in you that he's got your back. Michael ONLY responds to faith. Keep calling him, until you feel him come and you will feel him. You need to ignore the crazy thoughts and pay them NO attention. This is SO important. Put on some music, watch a movie, have friends over... DO not argue with the thoughts... That is exactly what it wants you to do. Visit Robert Bruce's forum on astral dynamics... There is a lot of great advice on there to combat these things with. They will tell you to buy grounding blankets and go outside in the sunshine and ground your feet to the earth everyday... These are little things you can do to help. But the most important thing is to stay positive, keep your vibration up, do visualizing and grounding techniques to expand your aura (you can find these on you tube), think positive thoughts, go out with friends, live your life, and them too much attention is like an open invitation. AND be careful of the sneaky ways they will try to gain access to you and get your permission to enter... They used to come in my dreams and show themselves to me as people I cared about and when I would move towards them, they would take that opportunity to jump in. Just be on guard for their tricks and never ever give them permission to get in you. The worst thing you can do is show fear and start crying and begging God to help you. That is what I did and the demons will just see this as weakness and take advantage. You are in the big leagues and this is a competition for your life and sanity. You have to be strong and competitive. Being humble before God is what I was taught to do growing up and it will do nothing to help you. You need to stand strong in your faith and understand that as a creation of God you are stronger and you have the power to tell these things to leave. Call on the name of Jesus and do it in absolute faith. They absolutely HATE Jesus and everything He stands for. You will feel the power move through you and you will actually be able to push these things away from you with that power. You must know that you are more powerful. It is all a game of power... And unfortunately you now have to play it. I have met many people who have beat these things and I've read many books and websites... The advice I just gave you is how they did it. It works...don't make the same mistakes I did. You can ask other people for help and prayers, but it is ultimately up to you to release this thing. Good luck.
Boson (179 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-10)

If you cannot remove this dark entity yourself for whatever reason, I can do it for you (no charge). I see no way of contacting you, so feel free to contact me (click on contact link on my website:

Blitzeagle (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-10)
To update, I spoke with a psychic who deals with these kind of things, she said there was work done on me and then went ahead and asked me about the attacker, told me she was a blonde, she recommended spirit baths to remove the attack but I have yet to try her stuff. She was dead on with what's been going on and ect, its someone using remote viewing/telepathy maybe even a parasite that's found its way to me. Still getting awfully sick for no reason and disturbed dreams and negative thought forms each day.
Blitzeagle (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-10)
ive been trying that and still no luck, I appreciate the help though!
Clairvoyanteyes4ever (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-01)
Hi! I too live in Alabama. And I too have seen and still see spirits. This "woman" taunting you is a demonic force. You must rebuke it in the name of God then call for st. Michael the arch angel. He will come and fight off the evil spirit. Do not talk to it except claiming authority over it and demanding it leave. You must believe that you are more powerful. I hope this helps you.

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