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All Clocks Stops After A Month Max



I have been married 11 years and since then we have noticed a strange behavior in all the houses we have stayed and that too in different parts of county. The problem is all our wall clocks will stop after a month of running maximum. Sometimes they don't even run for a month and stops even before that though fully charged. I have done several times change of battery but still they will run for max one month and then will stop all of a sudden. There is no particular time AM or PM where the clocks stop. Its not only with one wall clock, its with every clock that I had purchased and put on the wall. Whereas my watches that I wear them are running fine with no such issues. Its only with the wall clocks. Still trying to figure out the reason behind it. Also once it stops I don't take the pain to change the battery for long and hence it remains in the stop position for months and then finally one day I would change them. Bit lazy I know:)

Though nothing auspicious has taken place and we are living our normal life with little bit ups and downs that every married life has but this strange behavior of our clocks is something surprising to us.

I think I can try lending my clock to one of my friend for some 4 months and see if it stops or works fine at his place. If it does stops in a month then issue is with clocks and if it doesn't stops at his place then something is wrong I believe at my place.

Any suggestions or advice are truly welcomed from all.



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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-23)
Try a windup clock and see what happens. Preferably one with a pendulum. If a pendulum clock stops and starts back up on it's own you have a paranormal cause. If the clock stops and does not start back up it could be vibrations or earth quake tremors.
With battery wall clocks they can be drained quickly by electrical fields or radio waves. Microwave energy is a big possibility if powerful cell towers are near you. 😊

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