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How Do I Stop Being Affected By These Things


My name is Connor, I'm 15, I am gifted child with a sixth sense since I was born, my life has been constantly moving from house to house, I have moved 9 times in 15 years because of the same recurring events.

Ever since I was old enough to talk I instantly had imaginary friends even though I had a brother, the strange thing was that this imaginary friend was seen by me and my brother who we both described this same women, I was young and we lived with my mum in a house which had more than usual activity, there was a women, a little girl and a black shadow, these were the entities I spoke to and seen and remember when I was younger, we moved out that house to get away from the entities and we moved into a new house with my dad, this house was older and there were more things happening, I was 5 then and my mum would ask me about things I see, I told her I see grandad walking up the stairs, my grandad had been dead for 3 years, my mum on the next night was visited by my grandad.

After 2 years paranormal activity varied, it calmed then came then would repeat, 3 months after my 7th birthday my mum and dad split up and my mum went to my aunts and took me and my brother with her, as we arrived I asked my mum who is the strange man in the drive way, my mum asked what man? And the distinctive figure was gone when I glanced back, 5 weeks later me, my mum and my aunt where in the kitchen, my mum and aunt where talking and I was stroking the cat then my mum noticed I was staring down the hall and I said everything is going to get better in 2 weeks time which is the same phrase used by my dead grandad, 2 weeks later we moved into a flat and for the first time in years, me, my mum and brother was happy, 2 years passed in the flat nothing happened until one morning I was screaming as there was a face peering at me from the wall. It was a young women as soon as my mum came in it disappeared, on my 9th birthday my mum got me a cat to try and take my mind off things but the cat showed it all, it never dared to enter my room and would always stare it my room and I could hear the moaning coming from my room at night when I stayed in my mums room when it was all too much.

We moved when I attended secondary school in year 7 I was 10 and the weirdest thing I knew the house before we even moved in, I told the exact rooms, carpet color, kitchen and where the bathrooms where and knew the names of both of my neighbors without meeting them and I knew already one of them was a teacher, after 2 years we moved away as things got messy between friends of my mum, we moved into this house we live in today, this house has been abandoned for 14 years, year 10 this is my worst year for premonitions and paranormal activity, I started with year 9 I had a premonition that I was hit by a car, 2 months later it happened I was put in hospital for 6 weeks after Christmas I broke down in school as I was in class and something just made me feel so much pain and I cried to it, then year 10, I was in class had a weird day, I was walking on the 2nd floor after school time and I was alone, the door behind me shut, no one was there and then a cold breeze pushed me, I ran to the head of years office and asked her to walk me home, late that night I had a premonition and I saw a kid he cut himself due to bad grades 3 months later that kid was found dead in the woods due to cuts to the wrist after he received his GCSE results, I felt so guilty I wanted to cry.

RS, my fourth lesson of religious studies and I explained the link between the dead and the living and how they communicate then I looked to the door way of my class room and I saw my grandad I freaked out and froze he said to me your gifted, special don't hide it no more, I cried I was in shock, after this my mum sat me down and explained what is happening to me, she said I'm born like her a gifted soul with a sixth sense, this is because many years ago we had ancestors one a median one a fortune teller and a sidekick (reads minds) and this was passed on down to me, and lately things are happening too often how do I stop seeing things? Help me I'm breaking down its too scary, I never asked for this, I wake up afraid through sleepless nights and getting touched in my sleep sometimes I wake up scratched on my back and it isn't me and the premonitions are getting really bad and often: (

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-29)
You have the best reference-mum.

My spouse of Irish descent. He too
Experienced scratches from Deceased people who have not crossed over.

-In part it can be the location.
-Other times a sensitive in dream state Astral projecting.

To get things to a rest.
Learn all you can about mediumship.
Get a hold of your guide and Protector aka:Gate keeper asking them to slow down.
You have to be specific. Ask for protection from all known and unknown that do not benefit your highest good.

You have a Main guide.
This may be one of your childhood companions.
Create a dialogue. Asking to be guided into proper instruction.

Also be aware of any food allergies or physical changes.
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-27)
connorofford, the scratches on your back are from demons. I think you have very strong abilities, and you're seeing demons with something known as spirit sight. Not many people have the gift. I can help you control your abilities if you want.

Here's my e-mail: rainashea16 [at]

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