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Clocks Stopping


I need a little help, for years now (about 15) I cannot have a clock in my house as after a few days (most was 2 weeks) my clocks will suddenly stop, always on different times so it's not that weird but weird enough to worry me as I have had to replace clocks all the time. Recently my mother gave me a large clock that she had for at least 20 years which worked for all that time in her home, first thing I did was replace with brand new batteries and then I hung it on the wall, within 5 days it stopped. I was never that concerned as it seemed to only happen in my home until I went away on holidays and stayed in a villa and after 4 days the clock on the wall stopped 😨 my sister straight away looked at me and said "your luck for clocks has followed you" it totally creeped me out as even though she ment it in a joking way, she was actually right! Now it's happened again this week and I'm really starting to give up on Clocks, some of the ones I have are presents so are on walls and visitors find it odd that they are all different times and not working and why I still have them on the walls! Is there a solution to this? Need help please? People have had readings from local psychics and have always been given messages to give to me, most have been to come see them but I'm pretty scared to hear what they have to say when I'm experiencing this lol, my sister saw a local medium and was told that she needed to talk to her sister (me) and that she has messages that need to be given. Love from Ireland xx

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HahaSasha (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-03)
Wow that's amazing.

In your shoes, I would absolutely go to a psychic or someone. I don't stop clocks like you do 😁 but I see repeating numbers frequently on digital clocks, so looks like the universe likes to send messages through clocks lol. Hmmm... Maybe your aura does something to the quartz in the clocks (not all clocks have quartz in them, however.)

Quite a psychic mystery you've got here! Its "time" to get to the bottom it 😆

Please keep us updated if its not a bother and best of luck to you!

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