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Guess Experiences Never Really Stop


I haven't been submitting any stories lately. I just been researching experiences to see how to work on what I am going through. My feelings of being watched is a constant always. Actually been having strange dreams that jar or shock me awake. Night before last night it was of a face watching me through my bedroom ceiling. The eyes were the feature that stood out. Instantly I woke and rolled over. I looked up expecting to see them glowing yellow. They were not there to my relief and I thought no more of it. Until I was playing with my grandson. He was wanting to know why the man has his shovel digging? I talked to him about the man who he said was on the ceiling. He especially wanted me to know about the man's eyes. Although, I saw glowing eyes in my dream he thought they were red. I saw articles online about this along with the shadow people. Which now people are saying is a urban legend. I have mentioned my grandson because he feels things too. He also wakes from I assume is dreams like I experience. I really can't get a straight answer because he is only three. Sometimes I hear someone calling my name. Other times I wake knowing I heard a door slam or cabinets slamming shut. Then if I bring these experiences up my family just really make light of all I feel. I pray sometimes that they feel one time of the fear or chaos I do. I have been in situations where they have saw or experienced some of the same things I have. Then when it's over they forget about it. I can't forget it. Too many times being in those situations I guess.

It just gets tiring when everyone else thinks you are just paranoid. I saw a couple different blogs from others who have experienced shadows. They talked about them appearing in hoods like hoodie sweat shirts. I have saw them like that too. Also I saw where others see patterns with bluish light or greenish lights. Which also has happened recently to me. My husband calls me crazy. My gramma says its evil and will not discuss it. Last night I went in to say goodnight to her and I am not sure what I saw. It was like someone reaching out to my grandma. I did not say anything to her because it happened so fast. I'm not sure what it was. I don't know what or why I keep experiencing these things. I just know I'm not crazy.

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