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Premonition Or An Unlucky Guess?


I recently went camping with my husband. During our weekend trip, I was not having a good time, I felt really down without knowing exactly why. I remember on Saturday morning, I awoke to many blackbirds and a few crows walking around on the ground and not in flight. The last time that happened (5 months ago), my beloved dog died shortly thereafter without warning.

I tried to shrug off the birds thinking it was just a coincidence. The next day (Sunday), we packed up to head home. On the drive back, I had sharp pains in my head which lasted for a few minutes and then stopped. I spent the rest of the day in a depressed state and I thought it was just because I would be going back to work the next day and was dreading it. So on Monday morning, I opened social media to discover that one of my best friends from high school whom I hadn't seen in nearly 7 years had passed suddenly on Sunday afternoon from a brain aneurysm.

It seemed to come together and make sense; the intense headaches, (was I feeling the pain my friend was feeling while having an aneurysm?), the birds and how they had accurately predicted death months earlier, my depressed and sad state. Are these connections real or just mere coincidences?

I have sensed things before and have had things come to fruition that started as just random thoughts in my mind. For instance, there is a lovely cemetery I drive by on my way home from work. It's lovely because of its statues and gardens. It has been there for far longer than I have been alive and I have passed by there 10,000+ times before. I told myself one day as I was passing by "The next family member that passes will be buried in this cemetery." I knew it was to happen soon but didn't know who. Turns out, my young sister died suddenly (from injuries received in a freak accident) just a few months later. My sister was indeed buried there and she is the first member of our family to do so.

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