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Premonitions About The World


I don't know how to explain this very well. Before the Florida school shooting, I told my husband that I had a bad feeling. And then the next day it had happened. August 25th I also had a bad feeling that something was going to happen. I posted on my Facebook that I felt weird and that I could t explain it. Something felt off. Not with myself or my family, but with the world. The next day there was a shooting at a video game event and a Chicago fire where kids had died. I also had my car egged that day. (August 25 2018) someone in a red car drive by and threw something yellow at my car (it smelled sooo bad) - I had a fight with my husband last night and now this black cat has shown up on my porch. Keeps purring at me and wanting me to pet him/her. This is my recent experience.

When I was a kid I saw a face in the banana trees. Green guy with yellow teeth and flashing grin. I'm from Hawaii. I kept staring at it. It kept smiling at me.

When I was a teen I had flies in my room in the corner. They would build up there. I would spray them and they would die but new ones would return. I don't know how they got in. And I don't know why they would just stay in one spot. I also went to a beach where I saw a man (this was at night) near the bathroom smoking a cigarette. He was short, wrinkled and wasn't exactly a man. He was smiling at me. At the same beach, I had gone into a cave where I shined a light and this door opened at the end of it. A black figure came toward me. I ran out. Had tunnel vision then a migraine I believe

My mom could look in someone's eyes and tell if they were dying. She said they died the next day. She also told me a story where she was watching her body as she slept and went far away from her body. Felt weird and had a hard time getting back.

I have a lot of episodes of sleep paralysis. I felt like I was in my brain and everything was black. I couldn't get my body to move and then there was someone chanting in Latin. I prayed to Jesus. Get thee behind me. I woke up and ran down the stairs. My mom said I was pale as a ghost

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