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Bad Feeling And Seeing Thing


Everything started happening when I was about 4 or 5. It started out me just hearing things like I would be sleeping in my papa's room and my nana would sleep in my brothers room. Well I remember waking up in the middle of the night and I would hear pot and doors closing and other night I could here my papa and nana talking in the living room and I would turn over and my papa is sleeping right next to me. I would ask people about it and they would telling me that it's my mind playing tricks on me.

I used to live in a small town called Bagdad AZ when I was 10. I woke up one night to use the bathroom and when I stood up I see a young girl dressed in white with braided hair. Her head was shaking back and forth to actually make her face out. I'm that kind of girl that would watch a lot scary movies. So I tried putting the covers over my head and she would go away. I tried telling my dad about it the next day I tried telling my dad about it but he didn't believe me. About 2 years later it got brought up again and my dad told me that he did believe me. I guess that one night he got up and heard me talking and walked in and I was sleeping but he asked me who I was talking to and I told him the full description of the girl and said she was my friend. Every kid would have a imaginary friend while they were awake, and mine was while I was sleeping.

My Bad feelings would scare the shiat out of my friends to the point if I had a bad feeling then they would want to leave. The worst one happened when I was a quince with a couple of friends and my boyfriend and he was talking to one of his friends that was a girl and I didn't know her that well at the time so I started to over think and it was making my stomach hurt and I started to tear up because I had the worst feeling. Well after awhile it went away and I was having fun and dancing then when I sat down and all my friends were doing there own thing, It happened again but this time it was worse. All I could think about was going back to my nana so I called her to come pick me up. She got there and I told her I need to grab my boyfriend too. So after we back, 5 minute being there I get a call from one of my friends that were still at the quince. He told me there was a stabbing and a couple of people were in bad condition. And my uncle was one of them. My boyfriend at the time told me I was like his angel because if he would of stayed he would of jumped in to stop it...

One of the worst paranormal experience I have ever had was when my parents were both at work and it was just me and my brother and his friend and my red nose pitbull. Well my brother and his friend went to his room to go to bed and I didn't feel comfortable sleeping in my room that night for some reason. So I slept on the couch in the living room with my dog by my feet. Well I'm not sure what time I got woken up at but my dog kept barking and barking and never really barked while he was in the house so I kept telling him to shut up but when I realized that his face was was pointing toward the dining room I looked over there too and right when I look I hear 3 loud *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM*. Of something hitting wall and froze of fear. I look back at my dog and he is still barking and he starting to turn his head towards me and I got even more scared and then he growled and laid back down and growled a little bit more. As soon as I knew it was over I jumped up and ran to my brother room and knocked on his door and he let me in and I asked him if I could sleep in his room and I told him the story and I tried sleeping but I was too scared. So I got back up and went back and turned on all the lights and went to where the sound came from and my great grandpa and grandmas picture was face down on the floor three feet of where it should of landed and unbroken. My brother noticed how scared I was and he called my nana to come get us until my dad came home from work.

My dreams are even getting bad too. I was sleeping on the couch at my nanas and I wake up to her front door opening and since it was a difficult door to shut I thought my brothers left and didn't close it right. So as I am about to get up to close it I get pushed down by something that had bad energy and I couldn't get up. Finally I slip out and ran to my nana's room and woke her up and told her what happened and she calmed me down. After I calmed down I was going to go back to the living room to grab my phone and right when I'm about to step into the living room I get pushed back with bad energy and I wake up and the front door opened again and my heart dropped until I seen my brother walk through it.

I have a lot more. I'm not going back and proof reading it. But can someone help me with what is going on...?

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taylorms_ (1 stories) (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-29)
Something very dark is around you right now and I'm not sure you want to know how bad that is. Sounds like something non human. Something demonic. Do some research on the property.
Cfreewill360 (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-22)
I want to follow up with something... I had an odd experience tonight & I prayed about it, I was feeling better, then I heard an odd howl, my dogs began barking, their barking got closer and then I prayed and everything stopped, the barking, and the uneasy feeling. It's a longer story than what I am letting on but, I am not sure I can talk about it right now.
Cfreewill360 (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-22)
I often forget how scared I had been in the past, typically I am able to get a grip on myself and the things happening... But prayers help me, whenever something is wrong, I don't want the negativity so I always prayer to my higher power in that moment so he can protect me & my family.

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