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I have had too many 'coincidences' for them to be 'coincidences' here is a few see what you think.

I was in the pub trade working as a manager and one day I told my husband I had had a really weird dream the night before. I'd seen a square burning building, I could actually see the flames coming out of the upstairs windows, but it didn't look like anywhere I knew. I was worried because it was so vivid, but what did it mean as it meant nothing to me, I didn't even recognise the building.

A few days later we got a phone call was we interesting in taking a new pub it was having a full revamp and was we interested in taking it. We asked could we go view. When we approached the pub I was gobsmacked it was the building I had seen in my dream. I told my husband I was worried as I had seen it on fire. When we went inside we spoke to the workmen and was told it had had a massive fire a few month earlier and the brewery had spent a fortune on it bringing it back to life.

Another time I was in my home and was in bed and I heard my grandma shouting me. My grandma had lived with us but died when I was 14. It felt funny didn't mean anything. For the next couple of nights I had the same thing happen again my grandma shouting my name. After about 3 days of the same thing every night I went to my mum and told her what was happening. She couldn't make sense of it either.

My youngest daughter was aged about 10 at the time and used to love sleeping at my mums who only lived round the corner from us.

One night not long after mum rang in the middle of the night to say the house was on fire, my husband and I an round. Mum and my daughter was outside, the house was thick in dense smoke but no flames... We ran in the house to open all the windows and doors. To let the smoke out, was foolish we know now but didn't think about it at the time.

I asked mum what had happened and she said my daughter had put the electric blanket on in her and in mums beds. Then in the middle of the night my daughter got up went into mums room and told her the blanket was burning. Mum told her to unplug it and get in bed with her. When she got in bed with mum, mum could smell smoke on her and jumped up. They opened the bedroom door it was thick with smoke, mum looked into my daughters bedroom and could see the blanket glowing but no flames but it was smouldering. Mum got them both out of the house and rang us.

The following day I asked mum how it had happened and she said my daughter had been using an old electric blanket and had forgot to turn it off. I explained how all electric blankets had a cut off switch if they got too hot Mum relied it didn't have one as it was and old blanket. I asked how old and she replied very old it had been your grandmas. My daughter had been sleeping in grandmas old bedroom, using grandmas old blanket. I firmly believed grandma had been warning me.

Another time my middle daughter was told by specialists she would never get pregnant and she was devastated, we all were but if it wasn't to be we would have to live with it.

Two days later my husband and myself decided to go out for lunch, my eldest daughter and her 2 children decided to join us. We ate the meal paid the bill and went to our cars. My daughter and grandchildren drove off the carpark and we were just driving off the carpark when I turned to my husband and told him our middle daughter was pregnant with a baby girl. He told me not to be stupid as we knew she had been told she would never have children, so I simply said ok but I'm telling you and time will tell. We went home and within an hour of us getting home my middle daughter came to us. I was upstairs and she shouted me to come down. I saw her and told her I knew. She said 'know what to which I replied you are pregnant and its a little girl. Her face dropped, 'mum how can you possibly know that, I have just this minute been told and you are the 1st person I've told. I said I don't know but I told your dad half hour ago. She was pregnant and had a little girl, now aged six years.

The other day my husband and I went for a nice ride to the seaside, on our way back I turned to my husband and told him I didn't know why but I'm feeling really happy, I can't stop smiling, something good is going to happen, maybe not directly to you and I but to someone very close to us. I didn't know who or what it was but I could see celebrations. About 20 minutes later my phone rang.

My eldest daughter had received an email with her UNI results, she had achieved a first grade honours in her nursing exams. I was made up for her as I hadn't a clue she was waiting for them I thought she was only getting them in October.

These are just a few things that have happened. I cannot predict when they are going to happen and I cannot stop them. I have no warning, I cannot control them, I just get a feeling, I never used to tell anyone but now I do. My husband is a skeptic but has to admit he doesn't know how I do it. How can he? When even I don't.

I was once told I was a sensitive but have never tried to pursue it. I am now 54 and as I am getting older am now getting more curious.

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