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Too Many Malicious Ones


I've had a crazy ton of experiences but now I'm stuck and need some help.

You don't need to read every single piece of this but I do strongly urge you to read the paragraph with the hash-tag symbol as I would want your help and guidance on this subject matter.

*I wrote the headings in capitals and gave spaces to each event for easier finding.*

*I have added this symbol (hash tag) -> # to those paragraphs that I consider important to read*

*click Ctrl and F together and press # to make life easier:) *

*I wrote everything and any single detail in here so please don't throw this all away and say I'm lying because as the person I am, I would not spend this much time writing fake stuff.*

*I am always welcome for your own opinions/similar experiences so please comment with all your heart (I honestly don't mind long paragraphs!) *


Before I was born, I had an older brother who passed away from a problem in his heart. Apparently he had a hole in his heart but I think my mom added that in to make things more dramatic but in conformation with my dad, he was born but shortly died.

My closest friend also had an older deceased brother and she can also sense things too.

She would never lie about these things to me and I never have too. In fact, we have shared experiences together.

I believe that having a deceased family member can tie you to the two worlds (the dead and the living). Although I haven't established a big experiment on it, it's my own little theory and I stick to it.


It all started when I was roughly 3-5 years old.

I remember crouched down at the side of the house playing with my Barbie doll.

My grandmother, who was a few metres away from me, was watering the plants as she did everyday.

It was a daily routine. I lived up in a farm and we had simple lives.

I stood up immediately, almost like a jolt. I have forgotten my most precious toy. My Barbie doll car.

I raced into the house, rummaged in my toy box and pulled it out.

It was my prized possession (Along with my Barbie doll with the cool water changing hair).

I remember having that feeling of being watched. Mind you, I did take consideration than only me and my grandmother were at the house. And so, I was hesitant to look up. Right when I pulled the courage to, my heart dropped.

I saw a woman about mid 20's with long black hair, neat and straight. She was in a square neckline dress, long and plain. Her dress had vertical lines with warm colours like peach, pinks and oranges.

She had a pretty face but she had a mixed expression on her. I wasn't sure if she was smiling or was fixing her concentration on me. But most definite, in the last moments, I could sense that she was somehow cross or angry at me.

I have no reason why I was able to tell. All of this was happening so fast that I could feel my heart straining (mostly from the scare/shock) and my level of fear breaking the limit.

I blinked and she was gone. I'm pretty sure it was a solid 2-3 seconds of seeing this person.

Out of my childhood, this has been the strongest memory I had.

(After that, I dropped my toy car, ran to my grandmother, confessing that I had just seen a ghost - typical her just laughed at me as if I was just seeing things)


I have only one dream that came true and this pretty much freaked me out. Two years before it coming true, I had this one ridiculous dream (which is honestly ridiculous and too long to write) with me being with this one unknown person in my dream. Not being as in relationship but just accompanied by. I saw him, this guy. He had a face but the thing was that when I woke up, it was like someone erased his face off my memory - but being 100% sure he had a face, I just couldn't remember it.

In 5th class (primary school), a new boy in 6th class transferred. Everyone went crazy for him (Mostly because of his Bieber fringe - and this was a time before Justin Bieber became big) but I, was scared. As my friend introduced him to me, the same old dream flashed before my eyes. Something told me to be careful.

That night, I had the exact same dream 2 years before. After confessing to my mom about this dream, she joked about us being 'soul-mates'. I was pretty pissed off hearing this response. I was being serious with her yet she took it as a joke. I never fell for him because of that freaky dream. I was more scared of him to worry about liking him. I see him every once in a while and yes, I still get freaked out. I am forever haunted by that dream.

This 'psychic' thing doesn't stop at me, no. I feel that it has carried across my family. When my brother was about 4 years old, my brother had a dream that made him wake up crying. He told my mom that it was a snowy day and dad left.

After a few months/weeks of family down fall (Sorry I'm not quite sure about the gap), my father left for good and surprise, surprise! It was snowing.

Another experience is when my brother woke up crying again and told my mother that he saw a car crash happening (specifically a van and another car). On our way to his baby sitter, we witnessed it happening. A car and a van, colliding right before our eyes. Luckily no one died (It was a small collision. I don't even think anyone got badly injured as I saw both drivers alive and moving).

As my mom drove off, she was shocked. She told me about his dream and he nodded in verification. My brother has a lot of interesting experiences but let's leave that until later.


When I moved abroad and moved to various houses, my senses started to become stronger. I was able to feel walking or people behind my back or the feeling of someone brushing/walking past.

I think I was 10 when I realised this. On the days that I'd walk home, I'd feel like someone was behind me.

Looking back, I see no one. Honestly before, I regarded this. In the situation of being brought abroad, I was given more responsibilities and was taught to think 'like an adult'. So when events like this arose, I disregarded it all, saying: 'you're mind is just playing tricks', 'you're just being cautious because you're walking alone'.


When my family went downhill and everything was sour, my mother, little brother and I would visit my mom's friend. She had a bunch of children. We would actually spend full weekends with them and have sleepovers quite frequently. The eldest was fascinated with the paranormal and actually were one of the people who made me realise that I was not just imagining things.

The house was packed with people and it was during the day. The eldest (daughter) had told me that her house was scary. The back door would frequently shut open and close as if someone was playing with it, you could hear knocks on the back door late at night, when you're downstairs, and you could hear footsteps upstairs when there wasn't anyone up there.

Basically, their house was full of activity. One of their mom's friends (conveniently can see ghosts) from abroad came over and told their mother that there was a family living in the house. A dad, a girl and a boy.

Back to the story, I was walking through the hallway when I saw a girl with brown hair, in a white dress, spinning around, exposed in the sunlight. She was happy and I could see her reflection in the mirror.

It was as if she was happy so have sunshine beaming into the room. Again, after confessing to the others, they were hesitant on believing me (as usual). And so, by that time, I had given up on telling everything true and whole-heartedly on my experiences.


My mother and their mom had just come home from a trip. It was late and my mom was planning to go home right away so I was told to gather up my things to leave. So, I walked up the stairs. I could feel my friend's heavy steps behind me and so I wasn't that scared to go up all by myself. I opened the door and began to place the finishing belongings in my bag. I spoke to my friend and heard no reply. At the corner of my eye (as I was right at the door, across the hallway), A fast moving shadow appeared. It ran into the bathroom.

Confused on why my friend entered the bathroom without turning on the lights, I felt an odd and uneasy atmosphere. I walked slowly to the bathroom, fearing what I'd see, calling out her name... And as I enter the bathroom, mo one was there. I had just been talking to myself for a few solid minutes.

I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs. I didn't say a word. On my way home, I felt dazed. Memories of my friend telling me how the thing upstairs liked to imitate her dad's footsteps appeared. It imitated hers too.

I was scared and I told no one. The last time I told them and my mom, all I got was a misunderstanding or hesitation - so who was I supposed to tell?

This is when my close friend steps in.


This apartment (currently) has two bedrooms. The one that my mother has right now was originally mine (and my aunts but she moved back to our country). I remember touring the apartment and having a clear vibe to the room. I loved it. But after my mom spending sleepless nights in the other room (my baby brother constantly having nightmares), we switched rooms. The first night I spent there, I had this weird dream of a ghost kid telling me to help him find his father. I remember the dark space with weird neon colours replacing normal ones, me trying to open our main door with a gazillion set of keys that the ghost has given me. And when I failed to open the door, I woke to a howling storm, in the middle of the night, which made things ten times creepier. I was definitely not welcome in this room.

My brother was actually doing better in the other room and I was envious of him. After a while of living in here, I found a set of small crutches at the side of the boiler in which made me terrified to go to bed at night.



One odd night, when my aunt left to live off on her own, I was ready to go to sleep. Trying to fall asleep, I heard a nasally, crackly old mans voice in my head. It muttered something. I was confused I asked it who it was but its voice was unrecognizable. I asked again, my inside voice over lapping it. It said 'Busaras' - or Busarus which is like an Irish Bus station (Yes, I'm in Ireland). I googled. Anyway, the fact that I could hear it in my head and being able to recognise it was scary. I mean, we all have our inside voice but in all honestly I could never make a voice like that. In fact, the volume of the voice was so clear in comparison to my inside voice, which was quiet.

Brushing this aside, I convinced myself that I was delusional and sleepy.

Attending secondary school, (middle school + high school) I met a friend who shared paranormal experiences with me. Finally I found someone who took me seriously when I told my paranormal experiences! I was delighted. (I will not tell her experiences as I don't have the right to and it may also lack detail.)

She was over once and we were singing together in my bedroom. I had just gotten a second hand bunk bed for my brother and I. We were in the room, trying to record a song using my USB mic. I had earphones on and she had none. She was talking to me when suddenly we heard clear breathing.

Like a loud inhale. I was kind of confused: 'Was that my own breathing... Or hers? But she was talking... But my mic is off. How did I hear it so clearly?'She stopped and said 'Did you hear that?' I nodded and took off my earphones. She told me that it was coming from under my table, at the side of my bed. She told me that it was clear and I confirmed. I wasn't crazy. She heard it. We awkwardly sat there before we scaredly tried to ignore that it ever happened.

This brings me to my own theory 2: Ghosts/spirits/entities can attach themselves to objects - not because they're trapped but they choose to follow it because of its memories or it triggers something in them.

# But can someone explain why I heard an unrecognizable voice in my head?



When things got hard, I started to notice this thing living with me. I didn't see it but I sensed it. In my head, I could picture it. It would follow me almost everywhere. On my way home, walking outside to places, in my room, different houses - But never in school, the bathrooms or my close friend's house. At first I would be scared of it: Looming onto me when I tried to sleep, following me around although I was with my friends and being up at night, with it roaming around. Now, this thing is like a blob - or a shadow. I don't quite understand how it's shaped: Sometimes a human figure, sometimes just a blob that disperses into the ground.

My close friend had noticed its shape too so her telling me this without me telling her, I knew I wasn't crazy.

After a year, this blob became a friend. I know, it sounds crazy. A frickin' entity of some sort being considered as a friend, I know. But that's not the thing. Other ghosts would lurk in my room/sitting room from time to time but they weren't friendly. They would have evil grins and I could tell they meant harm. They were mostly girls at early teens or younger. I found my way across them. If I started to randomly feel unsafe or scared or felt that they were acting up, I would shout at them or complain: 'Stop it' 'Why are you here?' 'Go away. This is my room.' 'Go home. I can't help you.' 'I'm doing my own thing here and you come up and scare me? Rude.'

'I was here first. This isn't your bedroom'

It would work... Most of the time. If they knew that I could sense them, might as well tell them how I feel.

That's how I grew to like the blob. It would follow me but it would never do harm. It was just... There. But I feared it too. I mean, he (I think it's a guy...) doesn't look human. What if this thing was just trying to eat me or posses me?#



Me and my close friend - I'm tired of calling her 'close friend', let's just call her A. Me and A were at a park. We wanted to see if we could contact any ghosts (this was such a bad idea - and for god sakes we didn't even need a Ouija board!). We were walking on the normal path when we say a hidden cute little narrow path. We, as idiots who jump into bad situations took the route. It was a pretty long route and it was kind of going nowhere.

I felt a man with a brown hat, boots and a vest walking behind us (he seemed like a hunter). He was steady and calm. Feeling his presence, I clung onto A's arm. Further on the path, the route begun to look hazy. It seemed like a 'fairy tale enchanted woods' up ahead which definitely looked untrustworthy. We both decided to stop. And turn back. We both had a bad feeling about continuing ahead.

After returning to the field part of the park, she told me the presence of the man (although he saw/sensed him with a different hat), and the hazy feeling she got when we reached the stopping point of the route.

It wasn't food poisoning, it wasn't because we were tired, we both got hazy vision at the same point and there was no denying it. I mean, she was the first one to say that we should head back. She must've seen it coming.

We entered the public bathroom which is just a separate building and contained about 4-5 bathroom stalls (Well in the female section anyway). I was desperate to pee. We charged in there. She waited on me and she began to panic 'Dude?...dude? You there?' She would ask me and I tried to hurry up. Right then, I had a vision of a girl in a white dirty/bloodied dress, messy black hair and black socket for eyes in the bathroom stall at the end.

I got out, and headed to the sink. I think I asked her at that point why she asked me so many questions and when she mentioned a girl, we both immediately dashed out.

It was true. We both sensed it. Three coincidences in one day? Oh god. I couldn't take it anymore. I was lead to believe it. What other choice did I have? She had the same visions as I had.

I just couldn't ignore it. After a long day, I walked her to her bus stop. We waited there for a few. A was facing me, talking about other things, other happy things. Right at the corner of my eye, I saw her. The girl at the bathroom stall. Like static in a horror game, she was standing there still 2 metres behind A. I turned to A and just like that, she disappeared like static. I kept quiet. It was a long day. I'm imagining things again. I said my goodbye as the bus came and A left to go home.

I walked home and sensed the same man in the path we took earlier. I sensed that he needed something. Aloud and crazy, I told him that he could follow me home and stay there for a bit but I wouldn't be able to help him because I didn't know how to communicate to him. I told him that I could only sense him and nothing else. I even apologized to him. I told him to talk to me during a dream that maybe that'd help. At my door, I realised that he was gone and I came in to my usual blob and evil ghosts.

In the morning, at school, my friend told me that the girl followed her home. She had a serious tone to her voice as she told me how the girl was at her place. I started to tear up. It was all falling into place. I wasn't crazy after all.



I had my holiday back to my country in 2013. Of course the blob followed me but it was acting strange - almost panicking. I sensed it feeling unsafe and wanting to go back but not being able to. It has always followed me and by that, maybe he was attached to me. I don't know but it wasn't able to leave or calm down. The more days I spent in my country, the more I couldn't feel the blob anymore. After 2 weeks, he was gone. I couldn't sense him, complete nothing. At that night of realisation, I died down. I realised that I had grown attachment to this 'thing' that wasn't even human. I was insane for doing that but the ghosts in my room made me turn to the blob entity. After a week of the blob's disappearance, a new male ghost appeared. In the moonlight, it appeared to have blonde hair, blue eyes, angelic, watching over me and my brother. It was the middle of the night, I was on my laptop and I could sense it watching over us - but I felt that I shouldn't trust it. A voice inside me told me that this thing was no good. - that he's just pretending to look kind. So I ignored it. After a few days, its façade wore down; showing its hollow black eyes, pale skin and black scrawly hair.

Believe it or not, it followed me all the way here. All the evil ghosts had gone from before but after a week, a new evil girl ghost appeared. She stays with this male ghost in my room. They like to watch me sleep and take showers. They even move things and make noise in broad daylight. I hate them. I can sense that she wants to kill me and often repeats 'die' at me. They still continue to watch over me and refuse to leave. They make me feel uneasy. I can shut them up for a while but not for long. Even as I type these very words, they are upset and outraged with what I am sharing with the world. They can't hurt me because they can never reach me. They are dead and I am alive.

Please help me understand these creatures. My 'sensing' is growing unbelievably strong and I sense them even if I don't want to. I can't make them pass on and they've been here for a few months now. The male believes that I am somehow okay with him and that he can stay and the girl roams around as if she owns the place (Also there's a lost little girl in my sitting room and she wants to talk to my brother). Both spirits are incredibly cheeky. I hope they disappear soon and I secretly hope the blob comes back...

# Can someone please help and comfort me? I need your advice in getting rid of these two, in particular.

They literally live in my room.

This has gotten far too long to add in my little brother's experiences.

If I have enough time to write out my brother's experiences, I will post it on a different day.

Thank you for your time! And please give me your opinions, advice and feedback.

Long paragraphs and personal experiences are always welcome!

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DefinitelyNotShazz (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-28)
knownconfusion, thank you for your input. I have tried meditating but that only causes stronger energies from the ghosts. With meditation, I seem to make out spirit emotions and their current state of mind. Meditation is supposed to be peaceful - but fir me, it hasn't worked out successfully.
I am still in search of a technique that works best for me.
I need to read into these safety zones - also learn more about chakra/chi. Yeah, honestly i'm only starting out with the protection and cleansing etc, so I appreciate the advice xD I feel that because my past and current situations have been so negative that these spirits dwell to harvest negative energy. Huh. I never thought of it in that way. Thanks once again for the input 😊
knownconfusion (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-25)
DefinitelyNotShazz, I believe you should first focus your energies into a spiritual and physical barrier via whatever type of meditation or technique works best for you. Then before you smudge, cleanse, purify, bless, exorcise or any other ritual to remove energies from yourself or home try a protection area or basically safe zone and invite the spirit or energy to join you across from your safety net after you focused your chakra or chi into a literal shield and try to ascertain its intentions or circumstance before submitting it to what I can only assume is similar to being maced and thrown into the street for us humans. I've never had anything negative come from this approach. Maybe it is someone you knew who needs to tell you something of vast importance.
DefinitelyNotShazz (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-11)
I had a gut feeling to go check for new comments and instantly saw your comment freshly posted! Enceladus, thank you for the explanation. It explains a lot about the many experiences I've had in my room.

Currently I've been reading shadow being experiences and have heard that these beings have attacked people before, showed up in photos and are as common as ghosts. I feel fortunate that the last shadow being I've gotten in proper contact was not vicious. The shadow being that I now see/sense are more faint and disregard me, so I am glad.

I most certainly take account your advice and be more cautious. I haven't had time to check other stores if they have crystals but hopefully I will next week. Thank you for the website link! I will check it out shortly after replying to you.

I have yet to explore and understand grounding techniques. Most spirits that I have come across (Rapidly increasing since 2014) have been bad. I've had vivid dreams where I am fully aware that I am dreaming yet I still haven't been able to take charge of the dream itself.
Honestly I fear communication/interaction with the dead. I know I've had small experiences but I fear the day that I will hear/see/sense them clearly. I have never had out-of-body experiences and I am curious on what exactly happens. I've read many who have had dreadful experiences! Yeah, you're right. The spirits and other beings are strongest at night but I still sense them during the day.

Thank you for your uplifting, positive comment! I hope you have a great night/day ❤
Enceladus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-01-11)
The voices in your head, that would be a ghost communicating telepathically. It's more easier for them as less energy is needed. If you ever watch ghost hunting shows, you will see they have these devices that emit an electrical magnetic energy of sorts that allows ghosts to appear and move objects.

I would be careful around shadow beings, but it is really difficult to tell if they are good or bad. Most are just very curious and shy, so if you look at them, they will run off like a child chasing birds. You will most likely see more in the future. I just saw like three of them while typing this. They will appear as people or a mist/smoke.

Protection protection protection! That is the number one rule in the world of the paranormal. As Sleepy said, you can use crystals. Black tourmaline is the most commonly used and recommended. You can check out this website if you haven't yet. Clicking the link will automatically bring you to the psychic protection page. This is my favorite website as there are techniques and crystal uses.

Make sure to ground yourself. This will stable your energies and help you be aware of your surroundings (I think that is what grounding does. I just do it!). As you develop your abilities, your senses will become more sensitive, spirits may become attracted to your stronger energies which means more communication/interaction with the dead, vivid dreams, an out-of-body experience might occur, and etc. You will be more powerful in the mourning and at night. Think positive on things by the way! Words have such strong power which is why they say "Think before you speak."
DefinitelyNotShazz (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-10)
Thank you Sleepy for your comment! I gladly appreciate it! Actually, today, I bought white sage (after nights of research on affordable solutions) and to my surprise it has worked! But there is the good news and the bad news... Bad news is, the male ghost has stayed but the female ghost disappeared. I may try lighting up another sage next week (because I'm not very fond of the smell) and hope for the best. I tried to look for some crystals (Since most of my necklaces are just metals) but haven't have much luck. Maybe I'll try the city in a few days time. Imagining the universe seems perfect and calm, thank you. Lucky that you mentioned your story! Apparently when I was still inside my mother, there was some creature (probable chance that it was a bird) was constantly walking on their tin roof (hard, clear clanking sounds) and wouldn't leave until my dad started reciting a prayer. And for 'A', Her umbilical cord was choking her and so, her mother had to get a C-section. Also, 'A' would often get sick and got asthma when she was young. I've often got sick but not to the pint that it was major.
It's a probable chance that none of us should have reached birth because of the abilities we have! 😨 😆
-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-08)
Im so so sorry you have to go through that you are a very strong person I strongly recommend a cleansing (sorry if I misspelled that) you can use sage but you NEED to learn how to protect yourself you can use crystals (some come in necklaces so you can always have have it around you) and you can imagine god,universe,or your religious belief is beaming a beam of light then it creates a circle around you and it gets bigger and bigger that should help and about your theory I was born next after my mom had a miscarriage but my mom is psychic and I was almost killed when I was born

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